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3 Critical Areas in Your Business That Can Be Affected by Blocked Drains

pipes blocked drainThe lavatory won’t drain. The bathroom drainage is clogged. The toilet won’t flush. These problems may not be easy to notice in the perspective of a supervisor or business owner, who often has a private restroom in his exclusive office.

The employees are complaining about it. The floor and restroom managers have been told to fix it but they can’t. Don’t you think a blocked drain can affect the performance of your employees, resulting to less generation of income for the company?

Psychologists have been keen in reminding employers to look at the welfare of their employees. They have said that if employees are not happy in their environment, they may not be able to unleash their full potential that would have helped the company gain advantage over its competitors.

Yes, you have provided them regular performance-based incentives. Yes, they are paid right. Yes, they are given freedom to do what they want in the workplace for so long as they accomplish needed tasks.

But if they can’t answer to the call of nature in comfort at the restrooms, the experience might affect the way they see things. Worse, they might collapse due to the foul smell of accumulated urine in the urinal.

Wherever in the restroom the blockage is taking place, it will lead to drastic changes not only in the workplace but also in the mind and perspective of employees.

Here are three of the cornerstones in your business that are most likely to be affected by an ill-maintained drainage system:

  1. The Operational Costs

Money is important in business, so goes a passé reminder from our Australian forefathers.

A simple and minor blocked drain may be remedied by a minor plumbing procedure, if only the service provider has adept knowledge on the matter.

If the supervisor continues to ignore the problem, not feeling how awful the experience is for the rank and file workers, the minor may become a major.

The bigger and more complex the drainage problem, the more expensive the plumbing procedures it needs.

Notice and take action on the problem as early as possible.

  1. Health of Employees

There have been numerous research results, especially from the Department of Health, that disclosed a high risk of fatal diseases linked with bacteria and viruses brought by clogged sink and toilet.

There is Hepatitis A, among others.

Every company should invest on the health of its workers as unhealthy people may either suddenly resign from the job or eventually fail to meet regular quota or deadlines.

  1. The Workplace Atmosphere

Happy employees are inspired to do their job well because they are contented with the atmosphere of their workplace. Some offices are even painted with neon hues on the wall so that the work area becomes a stress reliever in itself.

If you invest well on the atmosphere of the main work area, but not on the cleanliness of the restroom, every visit to the restroom may break the employee’s good mood that has already been built by the work area. It will still affect the worker’s performance.

If there’s a plumbing emergency, don’t hesitate to call immediately a plumbing professional. Remember that the cost of repair may double if a small problem becomes big due to lack of concern.