3 Simple Steps to Unblock a Toilet

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One of the things we should know is if there are any plumbing complications within our household. For example, if there are issues in our toilet that must be mended immediately. Our toilet is one of the most used utilities at home. Because of this, we have to make sure that it’s functioning well everyday. However, this amenity might obtain issues and cause a great impact to a household due to the owner’s bad habits. One of the common issues pertinent to it is when it’s blocked. Usually, blocked toilets result to waste backup. Now, if you’re facing the same dilemma, it’s normal that you feel the need to hire somebody to repair it, however, don’t consider the alternative yet until you’re done doing the following steps:

Step 1. Take the top portion of toilet tank

It’s usual for us to give a remedy before plumbing problems exacerbate. When you’re ready to begin the repair operation, the initial step is to remove the cover of the toilet tank. Then, you must flip the toilet’s rubber stopper back over its drain hole. This part is typically found at the base of the tank. Using this as an initial step will stop the water from overflowing.

Step 2. Get some petroleum jelly and use it during the operation

If you’re in a tight-budget and want to keep your expenses minimal during the operation, you can invest on a petroleum jelly to unblock the toilet. Aside from this, make sure you have the plunger ready. Put a small amount of the jelly on the rim of the plunger’s rubber cup. Doing this will ensure that there’ll be a tight seal to the bowl. When you start pumping, all the obstructions will be pushed further to the pipe system. Plunging will not just push all sorts of blockages but also the backup wastewater along with.

Step 3. Ask for a professional help

If you’re done with the first and second steps and it seems that there are no positive results, this means that you may need the assistance of a professional. Licensed plumbers should be the one finishing the job if you think that you can’t repair the problem yourself. This is because the source of the issue can be found somewhere and only the plumber can assess the entire plumbing and drainage system. Moreover, having a professional by your side ensures you that the issue will be repaired without any possibilities of worsening. After repairing the issue you have to follow these steps to avert the problem from happening again. Here are some tips for you:

  • Don’t pour a chemical-based or caustic liquid in the bowl. If the plumbers will be the one dealing issues, they might get burnt.

  • Try to be a part of a preventive maintenance program.

  • Put a trash bin so that other materials such as tissues or sanitary pads will be disposed     properly.

  • Try to have some potty talk with the family members. This will surely be a great way to avert the situation from happening again. You have to tell them not to flush down soluble materials in the toilet.