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4 Common Garbage Disposal Problems

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A garbage disposal unit is a welcome appliance advancement in every home that provides added luxury and comfort. Nearly every home across the country possesses one for the homeowners and occupants to make their everyday chores easy and hassle-free. This waste control unit makes the process of tidying and keeping the kitchen clean a tad bit easier, more efficient and less troublesome. However, while it effectively stows away the wastes and rubbish, it is not unheard of for the unit to acquire a few damages itself. Over the years, professional plumbers have chatted down problems that occur here and again. So, here is a small of list the most common garbage disposal unit anomalies that a homeowner can possibly encounter:

  1. Jammed Disposal Unit

A disposal unit usually gets jammed because of food items and other substances that make their way into the drain but can cause extreme damage to your plumbing system, sewage pipes and disrupt the operation of your disposal system. You might find several items down the drain that are actually very harmful for your disposal unit. The reason behind this is the lack of proper knowledge and briefing of the homeowner. It would yield better results if you keep harmful items away from the unit. To do this, homeowners need enough information to be able to decipher whether or not the item is safe for your disposal unit.

Food wastes such as banana peels, coffee grounds, avocado leaves, egg shells, bones and corn husks are only a few of the materials that should never make it down the disposal unit. Also, making sure that the unit is far from overloading also helps in keeping the unit functioning as it should be.

In cases when the disposal unit gets jammed, all you have to do is insert a wrench to the small socket located at the bottom of the central part of the disposal right below the motor. Using the wrench, shake the disposal back and forth. If you cannot find a socket underneath the blades, turn the power supply off and insert the handle of a mop or broom into the opening of the disposal unit. Using the handle, shake the shredder to free the disposal from the jam. After accomplishing, turn the disposal back on.

  1. Unit Won’t Turn On

This problem is usual for units that have electrical issues. When you notice this problem, the first course of action is to check if there is something wrong with the fuse box or the circuit breaker of the establishment that is directly connected to the unit. When you are sure that there is no problem with the electrical connection, you can try locating the reset button and activate it. In most disposal units, the reset button is usually rested at the bottom of the unit. If this trick does not get the job done, the problem may be lying on your usage of the unit. Over usage also pose problems for a disposal unit, as it does with every other appliance.

If this still does not fix your problem, the problem could be that your unit needs a change of motor. For these situations, you should contact your local plumbing service provider and do not attempt to dabble with the unit by yourself.

  1. Leaking Disposal

When you notice your disposal sporting a leak, check your drain connections first before adjusting anything within the unit. When you pinpoint that the leak is coming from the drain pipe, place a rubber to assure that the connections are tight. However, if the leak is caused by the disposal, you now have to replace the whole unit.

  1. Noise Produced by the Unit

On a normal basis, a disposal unit should not be making noises and will only do such a thing when hard materials such as glass and metal are stuck inside the disposal unit. The obstructions can be removed using pliers and tongs. Turning the power off while you get the items inside the unit is also helpful to get the job done easier.