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4 Drain-Cleaning Errors You Must Avoid

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Drain-cleaning shouldn’t only be done when the sink or tubs are severely clogged. It must be part of your house maintenance frequently. In some cases, you may need to have professional drain cleaning services for major clogs or a more in-depth maintenance. If you plan on cleansing your drains on your own, be sure to avoid these drain-cleaning errors.

1.Using professional cleaning tools without any idea on how to use them

One of the biggest misconceptions that homeowners tend to believe is that the more professional, complex, or popular the plumbing tool they’re using, the easier it is for them to fix the problem. This shouldn’t be your mindset as it can prove harmful in the long run, especially with drain cleaning and maintenance. Some people often used power devices when drain cleaning without any knowledge on how to use these tools. Without the proper training and insight in using this type of equipment, it will definitely cause damage to the plumbing pipe linings.

If you’re really persistent in cleaning or unclogging drains, it’s better to stick with the basic and easy-to-use tools such as plungers, augers, etc. It’s important to take note that not all plungers are universal, specific types must be used for different plumbing fixtures. Most people don’t know that cup bottomed plungers are used for the toilet while flat plungers are used for sinks. Using the right type of plunger will definitely make your drain cleaning more effective and fast.

2.Using the wrong tools

It’s much worse if you tend to use certain items that are not intended for drain cleaning. Some homeowners tend to use garden hoses to clear off the clogs and build-up in the drain pipes. This idea is basically derived from hydro water jetters that plumbers use in cleaning drains. Using a garden hose as some sort of water jetter is ineffective since it doesn’t have enough psi to effectively remove the obstructions. Also, it’s such a waste of water resource for an inefficient method. It’s not just the garden hose but homeowners often use expedient “plunging tools” like broom handles sticks, coat hangers, sticks, and other items that shouldn’t be in the drains in the first place.

3.Using chemical cleaners

It seems almost everyone is now using chemical cleaners in cleansing or even unclogging drains in the household. These products may be effective to some extent but there are serious repercussions that it produces in the long run. Perhaps the primary issue with these types of cleaners is the chemical content that people exhale. Using chemical cleaners regularly can negatively impact your respiratory tract. Another awful side effect is that the pipes can eventually corrode due to frequent exposure to the chemicals.

4.Preventing Major Clogs and Waste Accumulation

Your drain cleaning can be less tedious if you’re able to prevent massive clogs and waste from piling up. The key in drain maintenance is to be cautious on what you’re flushing down your drain. Placing a stopper or strainer on your drains is a simple way to prevent large debris from entering the drain pipes. These protective tools must be cleaned every now and then to prevent grime and waste build-up.