4 Non-Toxic Methods to Mend Blocked Drains

unplugging a sinkAll of us have already encountered serious drain, sewer and pipe blockages. Most of the time, when this kind of issue occurs to our home, we immediately ask for our local plumber’s assistance. On the other hand, that minor clog issues doesn’t really need a professional to mend the issue. There are certain D-I-Y methods in which you can use. In this way, you don’t have to spend your money for repair services.


One of the fundamental plumbing tools that homeowners should have is the plunger. This tool is utilized for drain repair and maintenance. It just uses pressure in order to loosen the gunk and obstructions. On the other hand, ensure that you invest the two common types of plunger which have varied purposes. Flat plungers are used for specific sink drain issues while cup bottomed plunger us for the toilet.

Drain Snake

This is another plumbing tool that is utilized to get rid of debris and grime in your clogged drain. You can simply remove the blockage by inserting the auger and twisting it on the area with blockage. If you had just purchased an auger, make that you read and follow the instructions carefully. Typically, this tool is made of a steel cable. So if ever the cable goes on the wrong way, there is a possibility that it will just snap that result to some accidents. Also, when you apply to much pressure while utilizing the device, this could damage and tear up the plumbing system. When this happen, expect for some expensive repair services. For some homeowners, they have to take out their floors and walls since line replacement is needed to be done. On the other hand, if you want to do it yourself and you haven’t used a drain snake ever since, it’s best to ask a plumber who known exactly how to use the tool to make sure that there the clog will be eliminated.

Water Jetting

By using this non-toxic method, the hydro jet will push all the obstructions within the pipe. This can be made possible since the equipment pressurized water out of its nozzle. Aside from pushing all the blockages, the hydro jet can also be used to clean the entire piping system. All of the debris, dirt, oil, intruding roots and other fatty substances will be pushed out of your pipe system.

Home-Made Drain Cleaners

Home-made drain cleaners are inexpensive cleaners and are more effective compared to chemical-based cleaners that you can buy in your local store. You can simply make a home-made cleaner by combining products are commonly found at home. For instance, you can mix a cup of baking soda, 1⁄4 cup of tartar and a cup of salt. After mixing all the ingredients, you can pour at least 1⁄4 cup of the solution down your drain. Afterwards, pour at least 2 cups of boiling water. Before repeating the procedure, you first have to leave it for 1 minute. The purpose of boiling water is to aid in altering the chemical composition of the all the ingredients that enables to disintegrate the accumulation of grime and grease in the pipe.