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6 Most Common Causes of Blocked Drains at Home

Plumber Leichhardt

If you have contacted plumbers a number of times already, then a clogged drain is most likely one of the plumbing issues you have consulted. Blocked drain is actually one among the most usual problems encountered by households and even commercial properties in Australia. Although calling your trusted plumber for the repair is very easy to do, the problem will occur repeatedly if you fail to find any solution for the underlying cause of the clog. You would agree then to free your mind from the worry brought by clogged drains at home.

Below are the typical causes why you are having blocked drains:

    1.Hair– In almost all cases, hair blocks the drains in your showers and bathroom sinks. Strands of hair tend to accumulate in your drain, causing a major problem that restricts water the flow of water through the pipes. See to it that you have installed hair trap or cover over the drain and complete the task by thorough cleaning.

    2.Twigs and Leaves– Outside drains are not excluded from any kind of blockages. Take into account that there are several outdoor elements that may have impeded the water flow such as twigs, small tree branches and leaves. These items should be kept away from the outside drains for proper, continuous water flow. When this happens, you will have to perform a daunting task of removing them first to clear the clogged drains.

    3.Fat and Grease– Both fat and grease are considered as the most common culprits in kitchen sinks. These elements can stick to the insides of the pipes, which may build up eventually and prevent water from flowing. Such problem can be easily resolved by keeping fat and grease away from the drains.

    4.Broken Pipes– Pipes can be damaged or broken by age of use and tree roots, restricting the water from flowing freely and causing blockage to your drain. It is advisable to also ask your hired plumber to check the pipes other than cleaning the drains and making certain that nothing is inside them to see to it that they are properly functioning.

    5.Foreign Objects– Items such as diapers, sanitary napkins, tissues and even toys can clog your toilet. Food build-up or soap residue is also a great contributor to blockages. You need to ensure that these foreign objects are far from drains so as not to have clogged drains. There are several ways to get rid of them once clogged in your toilet such as with a plunger.

    6.Poor Installation– Keep an eye for poor or incorrect pipe installation as this may result in a blockage. The pipes must be fitted with proper care as well as attention since they are very fragile. This is very critical to make certain that the pipes will not be damaged and the drains will not be clogged in the future.

Always pay attention to the factors causing clogged drains mentioned above so that it will be easy for you or the plumbers to fix the problem when encountered.