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Common Causes of Blocked Drains

blocked drainsAre blocked drains being a common problem at your home? Do blocked drains consume much of your time and money? Well, the hard truth of blocked drainage is that this problem happens all the time. Some homeowners would experience block drains after two months and so on. It may also help to know if a homeowner may figure out the causes that made up this problem in the first place.

Before you seek for solutions for your clogged or blocked drains, it pays to know the root or causes of these problems. To fully understand, here are the two main causes of blocked drains. There may be a lot of causes but the main two causes happens more often in households.

Waste Solids

This will also include foreign objects like for example kitchen grease, sanitary napkins and nappies. In the kitchen, food debris are being flushed in the kitchen sink and people are not being mindful that this can build up in the drains. It is best that plates and pots be washed off from food scraps in order to avoid clogs. In the toilet, flushing paper towels will also be one factor of clogged drains. Some facts would include kids flushing down things in the toilet as they have seen in television like a dead fish or little toys.

It is also a must that all the members of the family at home be aware of this arising problem. Educating them of the do’s and don’ts would be a good factor to avoid such blocked drainage. It may prevent drains to be clogged as well as maintaining a clean home.

Deterioration of Pipes

Broken or deteriorating pipes may not allow a smooth flowing of water and some wastes may stick to it preventing water to flow easily. Some causes why piped deteriorate are because of strong chemicals or physical damage. Pipes are buried in the ground and if there are cracks, tree roots may work their way in it and also some soil. The roots may grow larger as time goes by and the soil may harden inside the pipes. This will build up inside pipes which then creates blockage and the flow of water is impossible to run down freely.

If the pipes are old, it is best to replace them immediately with a new one. A license plumber must do this kind of work because this is for the pro and it take much work. Make sure that the pipes that are to be used are of great quality and that it can last for at least 6 months or so.

By knowing the common causes of blocked drains, it can be possible that drainage problem may somehow be prevented in the future. This may save your time, effort as well in a financial point of view. Always remember that if you know that this problem may arise in the future, take part to initiate a solution before it gets worse.