How to Deal with a Blocked Kitchen Sink

pipes blocked drainClearing a kitchen sink drain from any kind of blockage can be messy and readily difficult since you are fighting with accumulated particles, soap, fat and food. This posed a problem in your kitchen, which can even cause further damage when left unattended.

Common Causes of Kitchen Sink Clogs

  • Fat that flows down your drain condenses onto the cool walls of your pipe. The fat solidifies and slowly fills the sides of the pipe, narrowing its passage until the passage is totally blocked.
  • Some of the food particles poured into the pipe tend to settle at the bottom of the pipe.
  • Soap soaks into the mass, slowly eroding the iron pipe wall, forming a wet mass that adheres to the horizontal pipe walls.

Prevention of Kitchen Sink from Clogs

You can avoid clogs in your kitchen sink drains through hot water flushes on a regular basis. Consider the following factors for a successful unclogging of your drain pipes:

  • The distance of the pipe from your kitchen drain to the pipe. The span of time to warm the pipe with hot water depends on its length. This aims to liquefy the fat in it and carry it away. You need to put a drain stop first before filling the sink with hot water. Remove the stop to let the drain flow freely with more force and check the progress.
  • It will take some time for the hot water to warm anything that caused the clog if you are using an iron pipe.
  • Never use the kitchen sink to wash your hair, as it will just add hair to the drain’s mass, which may lead to a smelly, blocked sink drain.

Use of Drain Snake to Unclog the Sink

If clearing your clogged drain with hot water becomes a failure, you may need to snake it. Place kinks in the first few feet of the drain cable because it has a tendency to pass the bottom, leaving some matter still stuck to its walls. A water jet cable can also be used for this plumbing task.

Remember to only use a drain cable that is longer than the pipe you will be clearing. It would also be a better idea not to start unclogging your sink drain until you already have the right tool on hand. Wash your drain by running water through it once the job is completed.

Dealing with Clogged Double-Sided Kitchen Sink

To fix the clog in your double-sided sink, you have to find the fault in tubular piping connecting two sink basins. Make sure that the water draining from one basin comes from the other basin for sanitation purposes. Place a dish pan under its drain assembly and then remove the P-trap’s J-bend. Clear out the tee and allow little water to run through so you can check whether there are any other obstructions. You may now clean the parts of the sink drain and reassemble.

Blockage in your kitchen sink drain should be dealt with immediately before further devastation will emerge.