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Items that Should Never be Flushed Down the Toilet


The first thing you should know about toilet maintenance is to never flush down anything except for human excrement and biodegradable toilet paper. Some people don’t know this important tip or just have difficulty applying this concept. There are everyday items in your household that you probably drain down the lavatory. Here are some common objects that you should never flush in your toilet.


You may be doing your bathroom cleaning maintenance and noticed that you have to dispose of the collection of hair on the floor drain. A lot of people tend to just flush down the hair into the toilet, which can pose as a serious problem later on. You see the hair that’s drained into the toilet pipes will certainly accumulate. Now, if you continue this habit for a long time, the flushed hair will amass and can become a massive clog. When you need to get rid of the hair in your bathroom, dispose it into the garbage can, not the toilet.

Bathroom Wipes

Bathroom wipes have become a trendy addition to bathroom essentials and also treated as a toilet paper. These products are often advertised as flushable items but in reality, not all of these wipes are suitable to be expelled into the toilet. Plumbers often found various types of wipes in the sewage system which is one of the sources of a household’s clogs. Trade associations are even calling for manufacturers to clearly indicate if this bathroom wipes can be flushed without the threat of clogs or not. This plan may have not been fully implemented so it’s best not to throw your bathroom wipes, baby wipes, or even cleaning wipes in the toilet.

Cigarette Butts

Ashtrays are created for you to dispatch cigarette butts without causing a nicotine mess in your household, so it doesn’t make any sense if it’s dispatched into the toilet. Some people even flush the toilet with just one cigarette butt in it, which is a complete waste of water.

Dental Floss

The dental floss may seem like it poses no clog threats to your toilet but it can actually become the catalyst for a toilet disaster. Apart from being not a biodegradable item, it can easily enfold itself into the pipe linings, causing clogs in the process.


After going through your bathroom cabinet, you noticed that some of your medication has already expired. It turns out that the nearest garbage disposal you can think of is the toilet. You decided to just throw the expired meds into the toilet and flush it down. This is something that you shouldn’t practice as it doesn’t only cause clogs but also impair the sewage system of your household.

Cotton Swabs

You may think that cotton swabs are so small that it won’t have any effect to your toilet’s pipe lining. However, the toilet pipes don’t have the ability to break down the cotton swabs, so it will just accumulate until it has become the cause of major clogs along with other items you have flushed.