Why using Caustic Drain cleaners must be avoided

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It’s easy to understand why a lot of people prefer using caustic drain cleaners for whatever type of drains they have in their house since the applications is very simple. All you have to do is pop open the container then pour the solutions into the drains and voila! The drain line is cleaned and it’s free from clogs. The truth is that using such chemical-based products must be avoided at all cost. Listed below are the reasons why you should not use caustic drain cleaners.

The chemicals can actually damage the pipes

A lot of people are not aware that the chemicals they’re using to clean the drains can actually deteriorate the pipes. It’s not just the drain pipeline that can be affected but the sewer pipes as well. Do note that some pipes may last longer than other types of pipe materials. For example: vitrified clay pipes can last longer than metallic types simply because clay pipes have higher resistance to corrosion. In the end, regular exposure to the caustic chemicals will render any pipes to damage and corrosion.

Chemical vapours can actually cause respiratory damage

The pipes are just secondary issues compared to how the chemical vapours can actually harm your respiratory system. The degree of damage will depend on how long you have been exposing yourself to the fumes, how sensitive you are when coming in contact with these chemicals, and the how much of the toxic compounds are in the drain cleaner you’re using. Either way, the potential harm brought by the caustic chemicals shouldn’t be ignored. If you are very allergic if you’re exposed to chemical compounds then you should really stay away from these chemical-based cleaners.

Harmful to the environment

Knowing how household products can affect the environment can be an issue for some homeowners. Using chemical-based cleaners has a negative effect on the environment since the compounds don’t decompose and will most likely become hazardous over time. Also, there is also a risk of the chemical compounds contaminating your water supply ―— especially if the drain pipes are near a water supply line.

It can kill the needed bacteria in your septic system

If you use a septic system in your home then you probably know the importance of having bacteria to process the wastes that are pumped in the septic tank. The chemicals from the cleaners can kill off the needed bacteria if it’s flushed in the septic tank ―— that’s how strong and harsh the components the cleaner is made of. The septic tank won’t be able to process the wastes effectively without the much needed help of the bacteria.

Other solutions

There are plenty of ways  to maintain or clear the clogs without resorting to harsh drain cleaners. Using plungers or augers to clear the drains might seem like a lot of a work than using chemicals but it’s certainly safer, cleaner, and more effective. Furthermore, there are many homemade solutions that can help in cleaning and clearing the clogs without using strong chemicals.