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Leichhardt Plumbing Emergency

Nicole and Danielle were able to talk their husbands into talking their kids for the morning while they went to the Artisan’s market in Eveleigh. They were going to look at locally produced Art Work and to buy Danielle something nice for her birthday.

There were many people in the market and they wandered around after stopping for coffee and a chat with a friend they had met. Walking on, Danielle spotted something that she instantly fell in love with. It was designed by a local artist and was beautifully handmade. The wall art incorporated intertwining owls perched in an old oak tree.

Danielle and Nicole purchased some fresh produce to have a BBQ with the family as they made their way home with the wall art. Being careful not to damage the artwork they placed it gently in the backseat of the car. On the drive home Danielle explained to Nicole exactly where she wanted to hang the artwork. She wanted to enhance the BBQ area as she had already been working on the surrounding gardens and had also purchased a timber BBQ table and chairs for the area.

No sooner had the girls arrived home they got to work planning out a spot to hang the artwork. They wanted to hang it near the BBQ so they set about moving the BBQ and then drilling into the wall to attach it. The hole was drilled in and Danielle asked Nicole to hang the artwork while she stepped back to admire it. Nicole was just slightly too short and she stepped on the BBQ gas bayonet to get a little bit of height. The wall art was hanging on the wall as Nicole heard the snap of the bayonet. “Oh, oh.” She exclaimed. Danielle’s eyes opened wide as she realized that the bayonet had been snapped off.

“OK don’t panic” she said to herself more than Nicole. “First turn off the gas supply” They isolated the gas supply at the meter and then Danielle went to look for the invoice from the Leichhardt Plumber who attended to install the BBQ bayonet in the first place. She found the paperwork from your Neighborhood Plumber Leichhardt and located the plumber she was looking for.

She called the phone number on the invoice, contacting the plumber to report a Plumbing Emergency in Leichhardt. The Leichhardt plumber arrived and replaced the gas bayonet in time for dinner. Nicole was so upset she had caused all of the fuss she offered to pay the plumbers bill.

Whatever your plumbing emergency in Leichhardt, call the plumber you can trust on 0422 005 940.

5 Steps in Repairing Leaky Sink Strainer

If you have noticed some leaks under the sink, this means that you have to replace the sink strainer immediately. Minor leaks under the sink are due to poor seal where the strainer body and the sink come together. On the other hand, fixing the problem is an easy job to do. It can be…

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What you should if there is a plumbing emergency

A plumbing emergency is an urgent event that requires immediate attention before it gets any worse. There are times when such a plumbing disaster still happens even if you have been diligent with the upkeep in your household. These events can get even worse if you don’t have any idea on what to do to…

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4 Plumbing Issues that Could Lead to Burst Pipes

Numerous plumber problems homeowners experience all throughout the month. However, these kinds of issues can be easily be mended. On the other hand, there is one dilemma that rarely happens but will cause a major dilemma that could also affect the operation of the entire system. This problem is pipe bursting. When this happens to…

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4 Things You Need to Know About High Water Pressure

Any homeowner would find low water pressure both inconvenient and infuriating. Thinking that upping the water pressure would solve this setback, the homeowner turns to make the water supply pressure higher than what is suggested by the local water company. Unknowingly, the homeowner just made the situation worse for himself. Turning the water pressure high…

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Why You Shouldn’t Delay Hiring A Plumber To Fix Your Plumbing System

Despite great efforts to ensure that the plumbing in the house remains functional and free from damage; there are still some issues that pop out of nowhere. It’s of great importance to have any plumbing problem assessed and fixed as soon as possible. Failing to do so will cause serious repercussions; repercussions that will be discussed by this…

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How to Keep Your Pipes From Being Frozen

There’s a lot of trouble the winter season can bring such as heavy snows, power outage, and freezing temperature. Keeping yourself warm is one of your priorities during the winter; however, your plumbing system should be temperature during this type of season. Pipes shouldn’t be allowed to be frozen since it will cause many problems.…

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5 Easy Fixes for Leaky Pipes

One of the most common yet the worst problem that could befall your plumbing system is a leaky pipe. When pipes leak, this is a small inconvenience in the pipe that would lead to different problems can actually be the cause of your entire plumbing system to collapse or other problems lesser in scale but…

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How Much Can You Save With Sustainable Plumbing

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5 Events that Can Lead to Burst Pipes

Pipe bursting is an alternative method of pipe rehabilitation. This only occurs when there is no other way to fix the pipe without involving excavation and destruction of pipe. In some cases, pipes are replaced due to their inability to execute their function because of weakening in structural integrity. Root intrusion, sagging, pipe corrosion and…

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5 Sewer Backup Prevention Tips

Let’s first talk what sewer backups are for those who are not familiar with this plumbing issue. A sewer backup is when sewage wastes return to the house’s plumbing such as the drains and even the basement. The main reason why a sewer backup happens is because the sewer pipes are heavily clogged; so whenever…

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4 Ways to Maintain the Sewer Line

Even if your plumbing system is newly installed and properly organised, you can never expect them to perform with high effectiveness when you don’t maintain them regularly.  Their structural integrity and performance are directly proportional to their current stipulation. When they are not in a good condition, they can never perform their duty well. Troubles…

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Plumbing Maintenance Mistakes that you shouldn’t be doing

As a homeowner, you should be able to know the importance of having a plumbing maintenance. Plumbing systems and fixtures get damaged or impaired after continued usage, which is why regular upkeep must be done. Doing a simple maintenance is great but there are certain mistakes that people often do that’s actually doing more harm…

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What Does a Plumber Do?

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A Simple Guide on How to Prevent your Pipes from Freezing

During winter season, your pipes are obviously prone to freezing or constant exposure to cold temperature. Leaving your pipes without any form or protection from the heat will cause a lot of problems. Aside from having a degraded plumbing system, your pipes will also be prone to pipe bursts. A pipe bursts occurs whenever the…

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5 Typical Toilet Dilemmas

Toilets are indeed essential tour homes as it is where we deposit our wastes. However, excessive usage or probably due to long term or usage could cause the toilet not to function well. Some problems can be repaired just by yourself but severe damages in your toilet would need a professional plumber to clear the…

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How to Prevent Burst Pipes

Among the never ending things that could go wrong in your household, burst pipes are probably one of the worst plumbing emergencies. Even if your plumbing system is in mint condition, there is still a possibility of burst pipes due to a number of issues. What makes this a household nightmare is not because of…

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How to Conduct Water Softener Maintenance

We highly recommended anyone living in areas that have amounts of hard water to install a water treatment system called a water softener. The purpose of this system is to lower the amount of minerals present in hard water or even completely strip off all the minerals. Leaving your water supply that has a high…

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6 Plumbing Tips Before Winter Arrives

Winter is about to come. Its arrival could possibly summon myriad of problems into your home. Like, you will embrace the chilly drizzle of water coming from your shower or you could be facing plumbing problems. Before taking out your snow gears and snowboards for winter, make sure that you have taken care of your…

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How to Prevent a Costly Slab Leak Repair

Some of you might have not heard of this troublesome plumbing problem. A slab leak is when the pipes under the foundation of a house begin leaking. As you may have noticed, this isn’t just some usual plumbing repair since it involves a core structure of the house which is the foundation. Aside from the…

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How to Look for the Best Plumbing Services in Your Area

If you have a plumbing issue in your household and it seems that fixing the problem on your own proves futile then you have no other choice than to call for a plumber. But before you check your directory and dial the number of the first plumbing service that you see, you might want to…

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Plumbing Tips for those who are Going Out of Town

If you’re leaving your house for quite some time, you need to do an intensive preparation. The important things you need to do include; checking the security of your home, making sure the main electric line is shut off, and among other things. However, some homeowners often forget to secure the plumbing system of their…

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Plumbing Emergency Kit and Tips

Yes, emergencies in your plumbing system can happen anytime, so it would be fitting that you know some tools to use when you encounter them and what measures need to be taken. Here are the inclusions of your emergency kit and some emergency tips. Plumbing Emergency Kit Get a 5-gallon bucket and make it as…

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3 Do-It-Yourself Tips for Fixing Toilet Problems

Fixing toilet problems is a job considered by most homeowners as a common plumbing repair that they can do by themselves immediately after the problems have occurred. Seeking the services of a plumber for these easy emergency plumbing repairs can be costly and time consuming, especially if it’s a major problem that can cause disruption…

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How Plumbers Do A Toilet Installation

One of the most basic and essential fixture you need to have in your house is the Toilet. Whether you’re building a new house or renovating your toilet and bath area, the toilet should be one of the top priority. Installing a toilet on your own can save you a few to more dollars compared…

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Plumbing Repairs you Shouldn’t Fix on Your Own

Not all plumbing problems are the same: there are those that don’t require any repairs from professional plumbers while other issues can be easily fixed by anyone who doesn’t have any plumbing experience. It can be difficult to determine if a plumbing concern can be fixed by DIY or not. Here’s a guide on what…

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How to Prepare your Plumbing System for Storm Season

Even before the storm season has even begun, you must prepare your plumbing fixtures and system. Ignoring the necessary preparations can lead to a severely damaged house. Whether there will be strong or weak storms, you should always consider it as a great threat. A lot of plumbing problems arise during the storm season, here…

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How to Soften Hard Water

For the benefit of those who don’t know what hard water is, here’s a short description: hard water is a type of water that’s composed of high concentration of minerals such as calcium, lime, manganese, etc. It may seem that this type of water has some sort of health benefits due to the prevalence of…

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Eco-Friendly Plumbing Tips

A lot of eco-friendly plumbing tips aren’t just beneficial in saving energy sources, but it can also help you save money. It’s also nice to make a conscious effort in helping save the environment while enjoying modern amenities. Discover some eco-friendly tips listed below! Use Energy-Saving Plumbing Appliances A lot of methods in producing electricity…

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How to Increase Water Pressure in your House

Having a low water pressure can prove to be a hassle for any homeowner: your shower tends to be unsatisfying because of the pathetic droplets of water, doing the laundry takes forever, cleaning the dishes becomes an even greater chore, etc. These are just a few inconveniences that are caused by having a low water…

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3 Plumbing Issues to Check before Buying a New Home

A clogged toilet, a sink that won’t drain, a water heater that does not heat and a number of leaking taps and pipes. You surely do not want to face these plumbing emergencies, especially when it has just been a week since you bought that new home. Oh, what bad luck it may have meant…

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5 Common Types of Shower Heads

When buying a new shower head you need to take into a lot of considerations such as your budget, the height of the mount, water pressure, and many more. It’s also important to take note on what type of shower head you want. Basic Shower Heads Generally, the two basic types are the fixed and…

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How to Save Water in Your Household

Water is an essential resource in every household, and should be conserved. Apart from reducing water utility bills, you are also taking care of your septic system since there is less drenched soil on the septic area and lower the chances of leaks. Even though your area has an abundant water supply, you shouldn’t waste…

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How to Winterise a House in 3 Simple Methods

Are you leaving your house during winter to go on a long vacation? You fear that when you come back your pipes will no longer work properly and they get frozen due to the cold days. You think the only solution to avoid this kind of plumbing disaster is to leave the heat on while…

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The Pros and Cons of Having a Regular Plumber at Work

Men that have grown old in the corporate business industry know that hiring a professional plumber to cater exclusively to the plumbing emergencies in your company is never a good thing. If you are new to the business and you are planning that other than restroom cleaners, janitors and office sweepers, your workplace also needs…

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Essential Tips on How to Handle Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing issues can happen any time of the day and even in emergency circumstances. But before calling in an emergency plumber near you, there are repairs that you can work on. Consider the plumbing repairs below whenever you encounter emergencies. Clogged Drain in the Kitchen Typically, kitchen drains are beneficial in removing dirty water from…

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A Homeowners Guide in Choosing the Type of Septic System

In the past, sewage was not treated and disposed properly causing harmful diseases to people living in the area. Now in our generation, rules and regulations has been established on how to properly dispose sewage waste water. If you are not connected to any waste water treatment facility, the septic system is your long term…

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4 Essential Tips When Repairing Leaky Faucets

Water is not only crucial in our bodies but it is also vital in carrying out diverse tasks at home and at work. You could just imagine what life would be without water to use, right? For sure you cannot do your laundry, take a bath, cook and other activities that necessitate the use of…

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The Different Ways of Preventing Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies of any kind will definitely make anyone angry. Not only do they make your bathing or washing experience a hassle, they also cost much to fix. The good thing is, these can be avoided by being careful and doing the maintenance needed on its different parts. Given below are the maintenance steps that…

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How to fix a clog shower drains

   In the event that someone requires me what’s the simplest way to cut costs on plumbing related repairs I usually tell these phones learn to clear blocked drains. Clogs of 1 kind or even another are probably the most common plumbing related problems. They’re so typical, in truth, that a few entire companies focus…

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Rush piping on steel water pipes

   The systems and supplies you need to cut water pipes certainly depend on upon the diverting material itself. A couple of men and women cut copper and charges steel channels with the hacksaw however a tubing cutter is an interchange incredible elective. Tubing cutters leave a considerably more uniform edge to every single cut…

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Immediate plumber response with just a phone call away

   1.plumbing works   When it comes to plumbing works at your house, especially for emergency and critical situations, contacting an experienced water system technician for help is often suggested. Plumbing engineers can identify factors that a normal person cannot as they have immediate contacts in the market. They can respond to concerns and provides…

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24 hours job plumbing

   It is important for you to take care of certain things so that you can properly maintain the 24 hours job plumbing system at your home from not facing much amount of repairs. The first thing is the bathroom and you need to make sure that the showers and the faucets are all working…

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Emergency plumbing in north sydney

  When a meeting is known as an immediate, it is quickly recognized that the need for help is immediate. Of course, for whatever it is that needs to managed, an experienced is most probably the one to look for. Ideally, there are many solutions nowadays that add the phrase immediate to their headline. This…

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