4 Plumbing Issues that Could Lead to Burst Pipes

plumberleichhardt burst-pipesNumerous plumber problems homeowners experience all throughout the month. However, these kinds of issues can be easily be mended. On the other hand, there is one dilemma that rarely happens but will cause a major dilemma that could also affect the operation of the entire system. This problem is pipe bursting. When this happens to your household, the predicament will affect the structural integrity of the entire pipeline. Furthermore, pipe bursts don’t just happen right away, this happens due to minor issues that are left unnoticed that resulted for the pipe to burst.

  • Water pressure

Only rare situations and pipe issues can result in a pipe burst. This is due to the fact that our water is flowing from time to time. The reason why water pressure becomes an issue here is when there are factors that clogs or accumulated within the pipe. Furthermore, the situation worsens when the clog within blocks the flow of after and the water pressure will likely to build up. This situation causes the pipe to expand and burst if it can no longer handle the excessive pressure. This happens because the pressure couldn’t find a way out.

One sign that indicates you’re also experiencing this kind of predicament is when you notice a certain drop in the pressure. Also, low water pressures can be notice through the gurgling sounds you’ll hear once you run water. To avoid this kind of predicament, homeowners should always be observant to their system so that problem will be mended in its earliest stage.

  • Corrosion

For metal pipes, they are vulnerable to corrosion especially when they have been operating for years. Since a lot of substances flows within the pipe everyday, theses substances will create a chemical reaction that causes metal and steel pipes to corrode and deteriorate over time.

  • Tree roots

Tree roots tend to penetrate within the pipe system since it provides the moisture and the nutrients that the roots needed. Experts understand your need to beautify your lawn, however, you should be mindful on the choice plant for they can destroy and damaged your entire sewer and pipe system. If there are cracks or holes in your pipes, these roots will eventually try to use it as an entry point. The problem doesn’t just stop there since the roots have already found an area where they could get the nutrients, it needed, they will likely to stay within and continue to grow, destroying the pipe by creating bigger holes. As this continue, this will impede the flow of water. This will result the pipe to expand and burst. Signs that there are tree roots intruding your pipe is when you notice gurgling sounds and backflows.

  • Freezing

As winter arrives, there are some instances that our pipes are not well-insulated. This is a common problem during the frost-month. Since it lacks insulation, our pipes, especially our outdoor pipes, tend to freeze. Additionally, if they also lack maintenance, the pipes will certainly freeze or worse, burst during winter. As the stagnant water freezes, the pipe will expand causing the pipes to burst. When this happens, expect that operation of the entire pipe system will be affected.