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4 Ways to Maintain the Sewer Line

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Even if your plumbing system is newly installed and properly organised, you can never expect them to perform with high effectiveness when you don’t maintain them regularly.  Their structural integrity and performance are directly proportional to their current stipulation. When they are not in a good condition, they can never perform their duty well. Troubles and issues would always arise when fixtures are overly disregarded.

Sewer pipes are oftentimes neglected because they are buried beneath the ground. They are supposed to be well-maintained due to various and harmful materials they convey. You can never expect them to work in their first-rate efficiency with a meagre stipulation and solidity.  Because these pipes are buried in a certain depth and grade and are obviously beyond reach, digging them for maintenance would be so inconvenient, costly and dangerous. Here are some other convenient ways to maintain your sewer pipes aside from the troublesome excavation.

  1. Sewer pipe inspection with a pipe camera

Many homeowners might doubt the need to inspect sewer pipe body with a pipe camera when we can directly proceed to the precautionary and cleaning procedures. Pipe inspection is indeed important to know the current condition of your sewer pipes. Cleaning them right away may remove the obstructions such as lime-scale, grease and fat build-ups, partial blockages and root infiltration without knowing its state. Leaks, sags, breakage and initiating corrosion will never be detected without seeing the sewer pipe’s interior. But today’s technological advancements have reduced the excavation necessity when checking the pipe’s interior body.

When performing sewer camera inspection, the aid of a professional plumber might be necessary to analyse and scrutinise the live footages it provides. It has been stated that the footages provided by a sewer camera would look worse than what it really is. Accurate analysis would lead to the handing over proper and necessary remedies.

  1. Draining down chemical-based solution

Many homeowners have the misconception of using chemical-based solution to remove thick and solid blockages and build-ups. What most of us don’t know is that they would provide greater problems instead of solving the current dilemma.  Draining down chemical-based cleaners are not only harmful to the environment, they are also harmful to your pipes for they have this capability to corrode your sewer lines and damage them in no time especially when constantly used. Most professionals suggest the use of enzyme cleaners which is more effective and environment-friendly.

But for the cases of root intrusion, it has been proven that chemical-based solution is more effective. The use of copper sulphate would hamper the root growth within your pipe which avoids completely jamming the mechanism. A chemical blanket would be created around the pipe’s diameter to kill roots with direct contact.

  1. Utilising rodding tools

Rodding tools are used to clean the pipe’s interior by feeding them into your sewer lines and allow them to cut anything within the system. This equipment comes in different rodding heads and all of them have their own unique capability and features. They could cut grease and fat build-ups, solid obstructions and root infiltration. They would grind them into smaller pieces so they could be flushed and completely drained.

  1. Cleaning the sewers with a water jet

Among all the aforementioned sewer maintenance and precautionary actions, water jet cleaning is the most efficient. Hydro jetter is a machine which would release a very high water pressure ranging from 2000 to 6000 psi. If this water is streamed down the pipe, it would be impossible for any accumulations to stay within. Even the hardest and toughest build-up couldn’t stand the pressure it gives.