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5 Common Types of Shower Heads

shower headsWhen buying a new shower head you need to take into a lot of considerations such as your budget, the height of the mount, water pressure, and many more. It’s also important to take note on what type of shower head you want.

Basic Shower Heads

Generally, the two basic types are the fixed and hand-held. Just like its namesake, the fixed shower head is affixed onto either the walls or ceiling of the bathroom. It can be restrictive due to its permanent position. However, there are new models that can be adjusted according to the height of the user.

Hand-held shower heads on the other hand are more mobile than the fixed. It can be attached anywhere in the shower area. It’s also more versatile since you can just place the hand-held onto the mount. Hand-held allow more control on where you want to direct the water. In any case, take some time to contemplate on whether you want the fixed or hand-held version. You also need to factor in the height of the people who will be using the shower when installing a fixed shower head.

Here are the common types of shower heads:

Traditional Single Spray

The traditional single spray is the most common shower head available. If you want something simple then this is definitely for you. There are single sprays that allow more customisation with the adjustable spray patterns. Lastly, this shower head can become expensive because of the finishing used like chrome.


If you desire a more fancy then you should check out double/multiple shower heads. This is clearly more expensive than most types out there because of its complex design. The water flow can be controlled by either one or two levers, depending on the water system of the model.

Rain Shower

Rain shower heads have come popular in recent bathroom designs, and has a sleek and contemporary look. As its name suggests, the rain shower emulates natural rainfall. There are affordable versions and the high quality ones are definitely costly.

LED & Speakers

For those who love to go all out in purchasing extravagant fixtures then you may want to consider buying LED shower heads. You have the option to install speakers in the shower heads for maximum leisure. With these high tech features, it’s no surprise that these are among the most lavish and expensive models out there.

Shower Panel

The shower panel is unique than the other shower heads since it gives you full water control. You can increase or decrease the water pressure in the different parts of the panel. You can purchase a pre-designed shower panel or create your own!


Hopefully this article has helped inform you on the selection of shower heads that are available in the market. At the end of the day, it’s up to your taste and budget that will decide on what shower head will be the best for you.