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5 Typical Toilet Dilemmas

Plumberleichhardt Toilet DilemmasToilets are indeed essential tour homes as it is where we deposit our wastes. However, excessive usage or probably due to long term or usage could cause the toilet not to function well. Some problems can be repaired just by yourself but severe damages in your toilet would need a professional plumber to clear the problem. Here are some typical toilet dilemmas that you might have or maybe not yet experienced.

    1. Water Leaks into the Bowl.

You may have regularly observed your toilet refilling instinctively like someone flushed it. If a toilet runs from time to time, it has a problem which plumbers usually call as a phantom flush. This problem occurs due to a snail-like leak from the tank to the bowl. This is typically because of a broken flapper or flapper seat. The solution to this dilemma is to drain water from the tank and bowl, test and cleanse the flapper seat, and if the flapper is worn out or broken, have it replaced.

    2. Water Seeps into the Tank.

When the water seeps into the tank through the supply line, you would probably be hearing a continuous hissing sound from your toilet. In cases like this, you need to check the float, refill tube and ballcock. The water coming via the inlet valve causes the hissing sound of your toilet. Try to check first if the float needs to be adjusted. Second, check to be certain that the refill tube is not inserted away from the overflow tube which extends about ¼” only under the rim of the overflow tube. If the adjustments are not enough, you should probably replace the ballcock assembly.

    3. Weak Flush.

Blocked holes beneath the rim of the bowl causes the bowl to empty slowly. You will need a wire coat-hanger and a mirror to get rid of this dilemma. Poke the wire gently to each hole to remove any debris. Use the mirror so you can see under the rim. The wire can also be used loosen debris that could block the siphon jet at the bottom of the drain. Make sure not to leave scratches on the bowl.

    4. Blocked Toilet.

This is probably the most common toilet problem home owners can encounter. There are tools that can help you clear a blocked toilet: the plunger and the closet auger. The plunger comes in two main types: cup plunger and flange plunger. Cup plunger is efficient only in flat surfaces such as kitchen sink. Flange plunger is designed for toilets as it’s extra flap can cover the curve surface of the toilet. The closet auger is used for severe blockages.

    5. Leaky Seals.

A regular toilet has at least five seals. The largest seal is located between the tank and the bowl. When this seal breaks, there will be a major leak and water coming out from beneath the tank for every flush. The smaller seals are found at the base of the ballcock and at the mounting bolts and when these seal breaks, smaller leaks is likely to happen. The final seal is firmly fixed on a plastic flange beneath the toilet base. When this fails, water leaking beneath the toilet base will ultimately cause the floor to corrode.