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6 Plumbing Tips Before Winter Arrives


Winter is about to come. Its arrival could possibly summon myriad of problems into your home. Like, you will embrace the chilly drizzle of water coming from your shower or you could be facing plumbing problems. Before taking out your snow gears and snowboards for winter, make sure that you have taken care of your plumbing facilities. Here are some tips to do for your pipes and drains before winter shows up!

Insulate your Pipes

This is a basic preventive action for your household facilities as winter wonderland is about to begin. You have to insulate your pipes with a plumbing insulation foam. Aside from the fact that this is a very inexpensive way and easy to put up, this will help you on heating expenses. This is very simple will to keep the warm air in.

Pump House

When there is an existent well in your place, make sure that the pump house is in insulation for this will keep the pipes from freezing. Also, make sure that your heater is working well because an amount of heat source is needed to keep the temperature if the pump house above from freezing.

Hose Bibs

Before winter arrives, remove all the hose that are attached to outdoor taps. This guarantees that there is no water trapped on the bib where it could possibly freeze due to cold temperature and if it get worse, damage your bib. To protect them, you should gather drained water and insulate it. Some houses would even shut off valves for the outdoor taps and bibs. If you don’t have any valve for outdoor taps and bibs, you can utilise an inexpensive bib cover to keep them from freezing.

Evaporative Cooler (Swamp Cooler)

Your swamp cooler should be drained before winter approaches. Yet before you do it, make sure that main water is shut down. You can drain them after making sure that all the water supply inlined to the unit is drained too. Be certain to protect your coolers with a tarp or a cover throughout the cold season to make it dry.


Your water pipes are likely the subject to freeze on winter. One way to winterised your sprinkler is to turn off the water and flush everything out by turning on the valves that are link to the sprinkler system.

Kitchen Drains

Avoid flushing out grease and oil in your drains, during winter, it will solidify and create an obstruction and clogs to the drain system. You can also run the washing machine and dishwasher during night to preserve hot water and keep sufficient water pressure if ever you have house guests.