The Different Ways of Preventing Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing-maintenancePlumbing emergencies of any kind will definitely make anyone angry. Not only do they make your bathing or washing experience a hassle, they also cost much to fix. The good thing is, these can be avoided by being careful and doing the maintenance needed on its different parts. Given below are the maintenance steps that must be done:

Maintaining the Drains
Blocked drains are a very common plumbing emergency. The first sign of a blocked drain is if water remains in a sink or tub for a longer time. Should they worsen, sewage will back up and flow out to the kitchen, bathroom, or other parts of the home

Preventing blocked drains involves not allowing hair, food particles, grease, oil, and other debris from going down drains in the first place. Throw the grease out, and have strainers installed in drains to catch the rest. Also, make sure that tree roots are under control. If you want to have trees in your property, make sure that you choose those without invasive roots and plant them metres away from any pipes.

You can also use a drain cleaner to ensure that every drain in your home is in top condition all year. Only apply drain cleaners twice a year and when you do this task, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Check Leaks
Keep in mind that even the tiniest leaks can become huge problems later on. Worse, it is possible for leaks to be blocked by flooring and walls. So, as soon as you find a leak, get them fixed by a skilled plumber immediately. Better yet, have the plumber fully assess the true state of your plumbing so that any hidden leaks can be found and fixed right away.

Know Where Every Pipe Runs
If you plan to dig, drill, or renovate near any water pipes, it is a must that you know where they run, lest you cut or puncture them by accident. One easy way to know where your pipes run is by reading your house plans and blueprints with the help of an architect or engineer.

Know Where the Water Main Switch is Located
Knowing the exact location of the water main switch is important. You will need to switch the water off when a pipe or tap leaks and when a showerhead or tap needs to be updated. Switching off the water main immediately in the event of leaks keeps even the most skilled and reliable plumber from having to exert so much effort in fixing the broken pipe or tap.