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Essential Tips on How to Handle Emergency Plumbing Repairs

residential plumbingPlumbing issues can happen any time of the day and even in emergency circumstances. But before calling in an emergency plumber near you, there are repairs that you can work on. Consider the plumbing repairs below whenever you encounter emergencies.

Clogged Drain in the Kitchen

Typically, kitchen drains are beneficial in removing dirty water from dishwasher and kitchen sink as well as food residues from the trash. Objects that are larger than food particles may be too big and may cause blockage to your pipe. Relieve the clogged drains through the following procedures.

  • Remove the strainer and put a plunger over the opening of the drain. Fill in your sink with enough water to cover the cup of the plunger. Move your plunger up and down for suction development in the sink. You may do this action a number of times until the blockage is removed and the water drains rapidly from your sink.
  • You may use a kitchen plumber’s snake when the plunger fails to work properly.
  • It is likely that the blockage is lodged deeper in your drain line when the drain fails to drain though you already use a plumber’s snake and a plunger.

Leaky Faucets

People in the plumbing industry consider kitchen or bathroom leak as the most common household emergency plumbing repair. Knowing the particular type of faucet is necessary for the right repair application.

  • Ball or cartridge faucet has a lever for cold and hot water.
  • Compression faucet valve have two levers, rising up when being turned on.
  • Reversed compression faucet contains handlers, lowering down when the water is turned on.

Just turn off the water supply and use wrench to remove faucet handle to repair leak in any of these faucets.

Avoidance of Hot Water

Your storage tank heater gets fresh water from your water supply line and then heats it with electricity or gas. The water is stored in the tank at certain temperature until such time that hot water tap is turned on. Water heaters can be the water source in the absence of water though the hot water tap is already turned on. Internal heat and pressure rise and explode when the relief and thermostat valves become faulty. This suggests you to be more cautious in your faulty water heater operation and examination. Do the following:

  • Inspect the other faucets used for hot water to make sure that the problem is rooted from the actual water heater or faucet. Check the faucet for possible broken pipes.
  • Touch your water heater carefully to confirm the proper functioning of the unit. Check the lit pilot lights of the gas water heaters. Lit back the pilot lights by following the instructions provided by manufacturers.

Blockage in Toilet

Emergency plumbing repair should be carried out and that toilet objects not developed for the drain should not be flushed into it. Unclog your toilet by:

  • Using handled container to empty its content
  • Placing your toilet plunger over the drain

Contact a plumber if the above measures are not successful and when you luck confidence on your skills in doing the repair.