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Plumbing Maintenance Mistakes that you shouldn’t be doing

plumberleichhardt plumbing srvicesAs a homeowner, you should be able to know the importance of having a plumbing maintenance. Plumbing systems and fixtures get damaged or impaired after continued usage, which is why regular upkeep must be done. Doing a simple maintenance is great but there are certain mistakes that people often do that’s actually doing more harm than good. Get to know more about these plumbing maintenance mistakes that you should be avoiding.

1. Doing DIY work or maintenance even though you don’t have the right tools and knowledge

DIY or do-it-yourself plumbing work is basically fixing or maintaining plumbing appliances on your own without any sort of guidance. This DIY approach is applicable in cleaning fixtures or doing basic maintenance work for your plumbing system. However, some people often take it too far or just have no general idea on what they’re doing which is a big issue when it comes to plumbing maintenance. Apart from having a failed attempt in fixing a plumbing fixture, there’s also a high risk of injuring yourself, especially if the project is an expert level job for a plumber. Basically, you can do simple DIY methods but just leave the intermediate to expert plumbing projects to the pros.

2. Not seeking help or assistance from professional plumbers after a colossal mistake

There are situations in which a plumbing mistake is done and results in more problems. It would be worse if no assistance from an expert plumber and the plumbing mistake is just covered with some shoddy repair. If you’ve ever done some errors during your plumbing repair or maintenance, you need to contact a professional to help you. It’s not a good idea to try and pursue the repair project since you’re most likely risking more damage to the plumbing fixture or system.

3. Being dependant on chemicals for cleaning

Chemical cleaners are a popular choice when it comes to cleaning the household among homeowners. When it comes to plumbing, chemical drain solutions are mostly used in cleaning or clearing drains. These products are indeed effective when clearing small clogs or taking out some scum accumulation on the drains, but the problem is that the compounds and substances of the chemicals can actually eat off the lining of the pipes. Apart from that, the chemicals also tend to build-up in the drain pipes so if ever there is a drain back-up the chemicals will go together with the wastes and are very toxic. There’s actually a viable solution without the risks of damaging your pipe linings , and that is with the mixture of baking soda and vinegar. This is really simple, effortless, can be done fast, and most of all; it isn’t harmful to the drain pipes.

4. Not taking action when a plumbing problem occurs

Perhaps the greatest mistake you can make is by not doing any maintenance at all or not solving the problem of your plumbing appliances and system. A lot of plumbing complications get more serious and can result in a plumbing emergency that will leave you scurrying to call a plumber.