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Plumbing Tips for those who are Going Out of Town


If you’re leaving your house for quite some time, you need to do an intensive preparation. The important things you need to do include; checking the security of your home, making sure the main electric line is shut off, and among other things. However, some homeowners often forget to secure the plumbing system of their house. Here are useful plumbing tips for those who are going out of town.

Check Your Water Heater
Your water heater might be damaged or even have leaks. This can become an even greater problem for you if it’s not immediately take care of. Don’t just examine your water heater but its surroundings as well. If there is water gathered near the tank then it might have leaks. For those who will leave their house without any occupants for a few months, you might want to consider hiring a plumber or some water heater specialist to thoroughly inspect your water heater for good measure.

Odour Prevention

You finally return home and just want to relax, but when you arrived, you’re greeted with an awful stench. It turns out that the smell is coming from your drains! Make sure that your drains are free from any sort of clogs for days or even weeks before leaving. Even leaving a minor clog can become a trouble later on since it can be the breeding ground of tiny insects called drain flies. In unclogging the drain, be sure to use plungers and don’t use toxic drain cleaning products.

Turn Off the Main Valve

If you’re going to be gone for a long time, it’s a good idea to shut down the main water supply of your house. This is to avoid any leaks from progressing, especially since there will be no one present in your house to check the leaks. There could be pipe bursts and major leaks that may happen while you’re not around so it’s better to be on the safe side and close the main supply line. After you the main valve has been shut, open all the taps in your house to disperse the water left in the fixtures.

The Sump Pump Should be 100% Functional

The sump pump in your basement must be operational, especially if you plan on leaving during rainy season. Rain water can easily flood the basement if there is no sump pump or the drain system is not functioning as it’s supposed to. Even if you already have a sump pump, you should have another one as some sort of backup in case the first one fails. In this case, it’s more practical and smart to install a battery backup into your sump pump.

Have Someone Check your House Every Once in Awhile

It’s always better to have someone come by your home and check if everything is in proper order. Ask a friend, family, or your friendly neighbour to visit and check your house occasionally to make sure that there are no sudden problems with not just your plumbing but the entire household.