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How to Prepare your Plumbing System for Storm Season

Even before the storm season has even begun, you must prepare your plumbing fixtures and system. Ignoring the necessary preparations can lead to a severely damaged house. Whether there will be strong or weak storms, you should always consider it as a great threat. A lot of plumbing problems arise during the storm season, here are some pointers on how to prepare for it.


Make Sure your Sump Pump is Operating Well

Your house’s first line of defense against basement floods is the sump pump. Most homeowners are too busy with other preparations that they forgot that the basement is very prone to flooding. Thanks to the sump pump, flood waters can be easily drained if it manages to enter the lower areas of the house. However, you need to be aware that this plumbing equipment needs electricity to run. We all know that if there are storms, there is a high chance electricity won’t be available. In order to keep your sump pump running during brownouts or blackouts, you need to install a generator or a battery backup. It can be annoying to set up these extra features, but it’s highly advisable to do so.


Inspect the Foundation for Any Damage or Cracks

Aside from the basement, the foundation of a house is another area usually ignored in storm preparation. You really need to check the foundation since there might be damage or cracks that can allow flood waters to enter your house. If you think you might have missed something and want general advice, then you need to contact a foundation expert.


Check the Sewer Drain

Heavy rains can cause your sewer drain and septic system to be flooded if it’s clogged. Examine these areas and clean it if there are any trash or debris present. There are cases when unclogging won’t be enough so seek help from local expert plumbers for a more thorough inspection and solution.


Make Sure the Gutter, Floor Drains, and Downspouts are Clog-Free

Strong rainfall can be too much for your gutter, floor drains, and downspouts, so be sure that these are sealed well. You also need to be certain that the drains are not obstructed by trash, leaves, and other items that may hinder the water flow.


Plumbing Repairs should Already be Done

If there are current repairs with your plumbing fixtures, especially sump pump and sewer restorations, it should be fixed as soon as possible. Leaving it out in the open can make your house vulnerable to floods. It’s recommended that these repairs should be done during summer season since there is little or no floods.


Living in a Flood-Prone Area

Whenever a powerful storm is heading to a flood-prone area, the residents are advised to evacuate as soon as possible. It’s important that you heed the warnings, but if there is still plenty of time to seal some leaks and protect your belongings then do so. Just be sure that you follow the instructions of the local government and evacuate as soon as possible if the threat is too great.