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How to Prevent Burst Pipes


Among the never ending things that could go wrong in your household, burst pipes are probably one of the worst plumbing emergencies. Even if your plumbing system is in mint condition, there is still a possibility of burst pipes due to a number of issues. What makes this a household nightmare is not because of the hassle of the pipe repair but the major damage the waters leaks can do to the house. It’s better to avert this type of emergencies instead of facing it. Learn how to prevent burst pipes from happening with this article.

Pipes should be properly insulated

One of the main causes of burst pipes is having a frozen pipe line. You see, whenever a pipe is exposed to extreme cool or freezing temperatures, the water pressure increases. If the pipe can’t hold the pressure anymore, a burst pipe occurs. In order to prevent your pipes from being constantly exposed to cold temperatures, you need to have it properly insulated. Enlist the services of a professional plumber to do the pipe insulation so that it’s properly installed. Also, don’t be too focused with just the pipes found in the living room–be sure to check the pipes in the basement, garage, and even under your lawn. These areas tend to be forgotten a lot and are also prone to burst pipes.

Be sure to fix any leak

Leaks doesn’t only increase utility bills and encourage mould and mildew growth, it can also become a major burst pipe if left unfixed. You may have small leakages in your house right now that you just ignore, so be sure to check those right away and have it repaired if needed. If you’re unsure if you have leaks in your household, hire a plumber to examine your plumbing system for leakage.

Have your water pressure regulated

Apart from temperature, water pressure can also be increased because of the water flow of your plumbing system. Water pressure coming from the city supply is standardised and it may be too strong for your household. What you can do to lower the pressure is to install a pressure regulator to help control the influx of water into the plumbing system of your house. Take note that the psi of your water should not exceed 80.

Safety precaution when going away for a long time

It’s difficult to predict if burst pipes will occur in your plumbing system or when will it happen. If you plan on going away from your home for a very long time then you should turn off the main water supply and drain all water out from your plumbing fixtures. This is an advice that you should heed since there may be a possibility that burst pipe might occur when you’re not around. You don’t want to come home with a flooded house, high utility bills, and damaged furniture. As much as possible, there should be someone who will check your house from time to time.