How to Prevent a Costly Slab Leak Repair

Plumber Leichhardt

Some of you might have not heard of this troublesome plumbing problem. A slab leak is when the pipes under the foundation of a house begin leaking. As you may have noticed, this isn’t just some usual plumbing repair since it involves a core structure of the house which is the foundation. Aside from the pipes that need to be repaired or replaced, you also have to worry about replacing parts of the foundation. Don’t let this expensive repair fall on your household, learn how to prevent a slab leak with the guide below.

Water Pressure should be Regulated

Knowing how to prevent the leaks means you should also be aware of its causes. One of the primary reasons why a slab leaks occurs is when the water pressure going through the pipes below the foundation is too high or too fast. When a pipe is under constant and strong pressure for a long period of time, it will eventually break and crack. It’s even worse if your house has narrow pipes as it can’t handle the pressure well enough. There is even a high chance that the pipes will burst. Put your pressure regulator valve in the recommended setting or just lower the water pressure if the water coming out from your fixtures is like jet stream. Purchase a pressure gauge and then check the water pressure in the main supply line. If the psi (pounds per square inch) is over 75 then it’s too high.

The pH of the water might be too acidic

Little do homeowners know that it’s not just the water pressure that can affect the pipes but the acidity of the water supply as well. As you already know, acid can slowly deteriorate the linings of the pipe in your plumbing system. There are some testing kits that will help determine if your water supply is acidic or not. Water that has low pH is considered to be acidic. If you do have acidic water, there are plenty of treatments that can be applied in order to lower the acid content. One of the most used methods is soda ash injection. If the water is still acidic even after injecting soda ash, a more advanced and aggressive application is needed which is caustic soda injection.

Don’t Put Strong Chemicals in your Plumbing Line

A popular solution for cleaning and even unclogging drain systems in the house is by using chemical products. Don’t use this method since it can impair the inner linings of the pipe. If you have been using these chemical cleaners for quite some time, the pipes under your foundation and even your whole plumbing system most likely have corrosions by now. It’s even worse for those who are applying chemicals on their drain system for many years. Don’t let your pipes become exposed to slab leaks, and avoid pouring strong chemicals in your plumbing line. Having an occasional examination on the pipes is great maintenance.