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How to Save Water in Your Household

L3_leaks_laundry_31114Water is an essential resource in every household, and should be conserved. Apart from reducing water utility bills, you are also taking care of your septic system since there is less drenched soil on the septic area and lower the chances of leaks. Even though your area has an abundant water supply, you shouldn’t waste the precious resource. Below are some tips on how to conserve water in your household.

Purchase New and Economical Fixtures

Most old models of plumbing fixtures consume way too much water–which in turn–raises your utility bill. If you’re still using these types of appliances then you should really consider replacing it with newer and economical versions. For example: you can purchase cost-effective shower heads like the ‘low-flow’ models. Of course, other plumbing fixtures have also water-saving features. It’s also a good idea to install aerators in your faucets. This can help lower your water usage while still maintaining a decent water pressure.

Turn Off Water Fixtures if You’re Not Using It

Everyone is guilty in wasting water away but that doesn’t mean you can’t change those habits. Some of you might leave the water running even if you’re already brushing your teeth. It may seem negligible but you’re actually wasting litres of water by doing this every day. This doesn’t just apply to brushing your teeth but to other activities as well like cleaning the dishes, washing fruits and vegetables, and many more.

Conserve Water While Doing Garden Maintenance

You may have become more conscious in saving water indoors, but have you thought of conserving water outdoors? Garden or lawn maintenance can be a great contributor to your high water bills so it’s of paramount importance to be mindful when using water outdoors. The rule of thumb when watering your plants and lawn is to only drench it when needed. But how do I know if my plants really need water? First of all, the water nourishment will depend on the species of the plant. To make things easier you can just use a moisture meter for plants to determine if its wet or dry.

If you really want to less use water in maintaining your lawn then you might as well water with the use a watering can. It can be more time-consuming but it can definitely save you hundreds of litres. Lastly, watering early in the morning or late in the afternoon is advisable since the plants absorb the water faster compared to watering it in hot hours which causes the water to evaporate easily. With this tip, you don’t need to use a lot of water to nourish the plants.

Quick Showers

Bad news to those who love long showers, it turns out that it can add more to your water utility bill so it’s best not to spend too much on the bathroom with the shower on. Depending on the shower head, a shower can consume 6 to 45 litres per minute.

Fix Any Damaged Plumbing Fixture A.S.A.P.

Common problems with plumbing fixtures should be fixed immediately since the wasted water supply can dramatically increase your water bills. Toilet leakage, dripping faucets, and other plumbing problems should be repaired as soon as possible.