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A Simple Guide on How to Prevent your Pipes from Freezing

Plumberleichhardt Frozen Pipes

During winter season, your pipes are obviously prone to freezing or constant exposure to cold temperature. Leaving your pipes without any form or protection from the heat will cause a lot of problems. Aside from having a degraded plumbing system, your pipes will also be prone to pipe bursts. A pipe bursts occurs whenever the water increases its volume due to cold temperature or the pipe’s threshold capacity is over the limit because of the frozen water. Get to learn some of the tips on how to pipes from freezing, and prevent pipe damage during winter season.

Basic prevention

The first thing you need to do is to keep your pipes warm. This can be easily achieved by placing an insulation blanket on the pipes. It does take a bit of work since you need to have the accurate measurements of the blankets. Aside from that, each of the insulation blankets must be perfectly fitted to ensure that the heat remains trapped within the pipes. Of course you can always ask help from your friendly neighbourhood plumber in fitting the insulation blankets.

Another important precaution is to know the location of your main water shutoff valve. Even if you have properly insulated your pipes, there is still a chance of a pipe bursts happening. If ever a pipe bursts occurs, the first thing that you must do is turn off the main water valve to avoid further loss of water supply. After you have turned it off, call your local plumber immediately to resolve the issue.

Increase the thermostat temperature

This will greatly benefit homeowners who are living in old houses, since increasing the thermostat will definitely help increase the air temperature in the household. Your plumbing pipes will also benefit from turning up the temperature as the heat can travel all around the structure of the house. This can increase your energy bills, but you need to do everything that you can to prevent your pipes from freezing. Besides, a major damage from a bursted pipe is more expensive to fix than an increased electric bill.

Let your faucets drip

This particular method is a bit unusual since you’re wasting water no matter how you look at it. There is a reason for the continuous dripping and that is to prevent your pipes from building up water pressure and to keep the water flow moving. Dormant water is more prone to freezing and can increase its volume easily due to cold temperature. Just slightly tilt the faucet in which it drips just a small amount of water. Of course if you’re not comfortable with this method, you can just skip this and just use the other tips.

Use heating cable products

Heat trace cables are available in home maintenance stores. Just be sure to completely follow the instructions and troubleshooting guide which is provided by the manufacturer. Application of heat cables depends on the manufacturer; some cables need to be sheathed around the pipes while others don’t. Most heating cables that are sold can be used immediately, not requiring any form of pre-installation or too much preparatory procedures.