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Burst Flexi on Hot Water System Leichhardt

Matt was a father of two and he and his wife had found a rental property in Leichhardt about 12 months ago. They were good tenants, they kept the house tidy and Matt kept the lawns mowed and generally took pride in the house as if it was his own.

The owner of the property was usually friendly but hated to spend a lot of money on the property as he was eventually going to knock down and rebuild. The owner knew that Matt and his family were good tenants as he was very friendly with the neighbours and they all said that apart from the kids playing they were good people who were respectful of the neighbours.

Matt was shocked to have his youngest son Brad complain to him about having sore fingers. He looked at the child’s hand to see that it was red and looked burnt. “How did this happen? Show me.” He said. Brad took his father to the laundry and there was water on the floor. He noticed that there was water spraying from a pipe coming from the side of the tank. Matt reached down and felt the water coming from the hose and it was hot.

“OK kids, let’s keep away from here this is dangerous and you could get hurt.” He called his wife from the garden and she took her boys to the local Medical Centre so they could look at Brad’s hand. In the meantime, Matt called the owner and said the pipe from the hot water tank was leaking. He advised Matt to call Your Neighbourhood Plumber Leichhardt as they are Plumbers for the Inner West.

Matt called the Leichhardt Plumber and he was at the property at the agreed time. The plumber knew what the problem was straight away. As he pointed out to Matt, most plumbers should abide by the Australian Plumbing Code of Practice. This code states ‘Braided flexible connections shall only be used in accessible positions. However, braided flexible connections are not permitted to be used for the connection of hot water heaters.’

This is very dangerous and needs to be plumbed in with copper pipe. Matt called the landlord and had the Leichhardt Plumber explain what happened. He also advised him how dangerous it was to have a braided connection that could burst and flood or worse still burn someone.

The landlord reluctantly agreed to have the flexible pipes changed to copper only because he had grandchildren and understood how concerned Matt was that his son had burnt his hand. The Leichhardt Plumber replaced the pipes and made the hot water system safe for Matt’s family.

For any Hot water issues in Leichhardt, call your Leichhardt Plumber to assist on 0422 005 940.

How to Prevent Your Water Heater From Exploding

Did you know? Your water heater can become a ticking time bomb due to a few factors? Gas leaks from a water heater gas line can turn into a catalyst for a destructive water heater explosion. Another possibility of a water heater explosion can also be from pressure build-up. Sometimes the temperature and relief valve…

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3 Primary Reasons Why You Are Running Out of Hot Water

Water heaters are indeed very important in every household due to the comfortability and convenience they provide to every homeowner. They heat water for domestic use to make hot bath possible, which is the usual start of the day. When you run out of hot water while taking a bath, it is just very annoying…

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Why Tankless Water Heaters Are Worth the Cost

Majority of homeowners own storage tanks to store hot water. Usually, about 50 gallons of water are regularly reheated and ready for use round the clock. This is indeed tremendous wastage of electricity, right? To save on electricity consumption and charges, professional plumbers suggest the installation of tankless water heaters. In here, we will discuss…

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How to Prevent Legionnaire’s Disease by Proper Water Heating Maintenance

Legionnaire’s disease is basically a lethal type of pneumonia. Every year, thousands of people are infected with the disease. People who are exposed to the bacteria are often taken to intensive care unit due to the severity of the health complications such as fatigue, shortness of breath, muscle aches, fever, etc. The symptoms can be…

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4 Factors to Consider When Buying a Water Heater

When we are living in a cold area, the service of water heater is truly needed. However, due to the advancements of the new model and its various feature, homeowners who would want to invest in a water heater would really have a hard time in choosing what’s best for him. To guide and help you with, here…

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How to Prolong Water Heater Life

There are types of water heater that have naturally a long life span. In fact, some heating systems actually last twice than others. For example: tankless water heaters have an average lifespan of 20 years — meanwhile a conventional heating unit only has 10-12 years. The thing is that no matter how long-lasting your water…

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Storage vs. Instantaneous Water Heaters

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The Pros and Cons of using a Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters are one of the new generations of water heating systems. It uses the solar energy from the sun to warm water. There are a lot of talks about the effectiveness of a solar water heater but it’s not a perfect appliance. It has some drawbacks that you should know before purchasing one.…

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Water Heating Bill

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Does your water heater need to be replaced? Check out these 4 Signs!

Any type of plumbing fixture will eventually need to be replaced, especially with water heaters. High quality and modern water heaters are very durable and can last a long time, but it won’t remain functional for a lifetime–and you may have need to replace it sooner or later. It might be a puzzle for some…

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The Different Kinds of Anode Rod

The anode rod is an important part of a water heater that has a tank system. Without this metallic cylinder, the inner parts of the tank will succumb to corrosion and rust build-up. Your anode rod should be annually checked if it’s still able to absorb rust. If the rod has heavily corroded then it…

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3 Types of Hot Water Recirculating Systems

Do you know how much water and time you are wasting while you wait for the water to heat up and reach the fixture you are using? If you are a time-conscious and water-conserver person, then you must want to know some tips on how to conserve both water and time simultaneously. Apparently, there is…

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Simple Ways to Prevent Hot Water Emergencies

Cleaning, cooking and bathing are some of the daily activities wherein hot water produced by water heaters is imperative. An interruption in the hot water supply in your home results in inconvenience and a major emergency plumbing. This can be best achieved by understanding how it can be maintained. Call an emergency plumbing expert as…

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Water Heater Installation Mistakes that Should be Avoided

Seek help from professionals when installing a water heater in your house as much as possible. Doing it alone without any experience or knowledge in setting up this equipment will only result in a poor installation. This will article will just serve as a general knowledge and doesn’t encourage anyone with no plumbing or water…

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6 Advantages of Using Solar Hot Water System

It has been a trend to use eco-friendly amenities to aid our problems in relation to Mother Earth. In connection with water heating systems, to promote the welfare of our nature, it is best to use solar-powered water heaters. Aside from its welfare, the following are other advantages that we could get in our very…

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6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Heater

Hot water systems help us to make our lives easier. The hardest thing about water heating system is when you purchase a new one for your household. When choosing the best system , there are several things to consider to ensure that your choice will serve its purpose very well. The succeeding factors are the…

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4 Common Types of Hot Water Systems

A hot water system is a basic necessity especially in regions with a cold climate. There are different types of water heater that you can purchase in the market. It is a great idea to know the different types before purchasing. There are several factors to consider when choosing a water heater which include the…

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3 Prime Causes of Water Heater Explosion

You heard a massive explosion down your basement. When you inspect what happened, yourealised that your water heater exploded. You are oblivious to what happened and you want to knowwhy it occurred. Want to know the reasons? Here are the major reasons why your water heater exploded. 1.Improper InstallationThis is inevitable. There are times that…

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Solar Hot Water Systems: The Pros and Cons

Heating water is definitely expensive considering the significant amount of energy required. The fact of the matter here is that many people are still using the costly method of heating water through electricity. Fortunately, there is now a solar water heating system, which is specifically designed in mitigating heating water-associated energy costs. Make use of…

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How to do a Water Heater Maintenance

Depending on what type of unit your water heater is, it might last for around 10-20 years. Even with its expected life expectancy, it might not last long enough if it’s not properly taken care of. This shows the importance of having a water heater maintenance. Read the tips below to learn more on how…

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5 Major Benefits of Using a Solar Water Heater

Water heaters continue to become innovative throughout the years. One of the most advanced and ingenious water heating systems ever made is the solar water heater. This type gathers the sun’s heat and transmits it to the plumbing system. Of course, if you live in an area where it has plenty of sunny days, then…

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3 Easy Ways to Maximise the Use of Solar Water Heaters

The selling part of a solar water heater is that it does not consume huge chunk of electricity or gas, which means you don’t only help keep the environment healthy but also ease up the budget to be spent with utility bills. It only consumes what is free to get from the shiniest ball in…

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Save More with LESS: Tank-LESS Hot Water Systems

Water heater is one of the disregarded appliances at home, being tucked away in the corner of the house or garage. We usually don’t pay much attention to a water heater until it is broken. It comprises of 40 or more gallons having a gas burner. Water heater slowly heats water and enables it to…

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3 Simple Ways to Detect Water Leaks

Leaking taps and faucets are one of the most common plumbing problems in Australian households. Often ignored, a leaking tap can waste as much as 2,000 litres of water per month. Without proper attention, this problem can quickly add up to your water bill. Below are the easy ways to detect leaks in your plumbing…

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3 Basic Tips to Prevent Hot Water Heater Explosions

Your home is a sanctuary for your loved ones and their security is one of your main priorities, so you need to make sure that they are living in a secure and safe premise. As a homeowner, a routine that you need to do yearly to prevent water heater explosion is to check your pressure…

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Hot water tanks

Hot water tanks are known to lessen your utility bills as it were. A hot water tank is the most ideal approach to spare drizzle water and connection it up with all your catchments, and this might lessen your water bills all things considered. With the enhancement in innovation, these tanks have likewise been enhancing…

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Electric heat pump water heater

   Heat pump water heaters use a spring or boiling hot water barrel to hold the water like a customary icy water heater. Then again, they vary in the way the water is heated in that a heat pump water heater works much like an aerating and cooling unit, by exchanging the heat starting with…

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On demand hot water service here

   For bubbling high temp water that never runs out, and saves you on your imperatives costs, contemplate a state-of-the on investment on demand hot water service here Plumbing. We are the tank less breaking point water aces in San Antonio and Surrounding Areas. Not simply would we have the capacity to outfit you with…

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Tankless electric water heaters

   Tankl ess electric water heaters have developed in prevalence over the past a few years. One of the explanations behind this development in prevalence is the way that they don’t store water. These water heaters warm the water as it moves through the warmer. Assuming that you have any plan of being in your…

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How do you fix your gas hot water heater?

   For many years, people have never known the importance of hiring certified experts when fixing gas hot water heater. If you thinking of hiring these experts to fix these problems of pipes, then the following are some of the benefits that you will enjoy;    First, you will enjoy quality services whenever you want…

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Water heater set up

Plan for the Installation When you begin, check these next focuses to verify you’re primed to go when the new water warmer arrives. Check the Plumbing Measure the core to-focus extent between the hot and frosty water pipes on the highest point of the water radiator and attempt to guarantee the new warmer has the…

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Replacing Damaged Water Heater Tanks

A water heater tanks is set up to prevent the water pressure fluctuation. Water pressure variation can easily destroy water heater as well as water lines in homes. The water heater tank serves as an overflow receptacle. It absorbs surfeit water volume created by the water heater during the heating process. Generally water expands when…

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