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3 Types of Hot Water Recirculating Systems

Plumberleichhardt Hot WaterDo you know how much water and time you are wasting while you wait for the water to heat up and reach the fixture you are using? If you are a time-conscious and water-conserver person, then you must want to know some tips on how to conserve both water and time simultaneously. Apparently, there is a machine called hot water recirculating system which will allow you to have hot water when you need it without spending too much time waiting. There are probably a lot of options you can look at when it comes to choosing a hot water recirculating system, but here are 3 types of it.

    1. Traditional Hot Water Recirculating System

This system has a return line and a recirculating pump that pull the water from a fixture located at the furthest part of your house and create a loop that lets the water go back to the water heater. The loop keeps the hot water to flow in every part of the house to the very fixture that is using the water. For this system, you need to have a return line and pump that has a built-in timer so that you’ll have a great system and save expenditures over the long run.

    2. Instant Hot Water Recirculating System

This system is contrary to the traditional recirculating system since this doesn’t require a dedicated return line which makes it suitable and installable for any house. The instant hot water recirculating system comes in different varieties so you have plenty of options. However, this system has two main pump locations which differentiate them, and these are :
Over the water heater – A pump is located right above the water heater and a check valve is placed under the sink to put it far away from the hot water heater. The process of this is that the pump pressurises the hot area of the system and bypass through the check valve which is under the sink. This pushes the hot water into the cold water system which therefore creates a loop of hot water. This hot water loop can run constantly or timely. Since the check valve is located under the sink, the hot water runs through or circulates in every line that is connected to every sink or shower. However, a power source is needed for the pump to be plugged in.
Under the sink – Most of these types come with built-in timers and sensors which turn on when the water is below the set temperature. Since the pump is installed under the sink, it requires a power source to operate.

    3. On-Demand Hot Water Recirculating System

For this system, you’ll have to activate the pump yourself when you need hot water. This system also has the same components, functions and arrangements as to that of the traditional hot water circulating system. When the pump is activated, the water is pumped from the hot water system to the cold water system so it provides hot water without running any water. Since the pump can sense the oncoming hot water, it stops pushing the hot water to the cold side which prevents it from filling the pump with too much hot water. This system is efficient in a way that you can activate it through the use of a wireless remote or motion sensors that can be placed at multiple locations of your house. Talk about accessibility! The on-demand hot water recirculating system is a great option for water and energy conservation.