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5 Major Benefits of Using a Solar Water Heater

Water heaters continue to become innovative throughout the years. One of the most advanced and ingenious water heating systems ever made is the solar water heater. This type gathers the sun’s heat and transmits it to the plumbing system. Of course, if you live in an area where it has plenty of sunny days, then it will be highly advantageous for you to install one. Solar water heaters have a lot of benefits, check them out below.

1.Long Term Investment

First of all, you need to be aware that installing a solar water heater or even powering up your house with solar energy can only be beneficial if your place or country enjoys sunny weather in the majority of the year. Anyway, setting up a solar water heater can be disheartening for some people due to its upfront costs which can amount to thousands of dollars. Depending on the seller or manufacturer, there may be installation fees. You shouldn’t be afraid with the costs since it can be very beneficial in the long run. You will notice that your electric and water bills are lesser than the previous months when you were still using standard water heaters. After all, it’s making use of a free energy source which is none other than the sun.

2.It’s Environment-Friendly

Generating energy in today’s modern world has significant impacts to the environment. Unfortunately, most of these methods tend to destroy the environment: global warming, acid rain, introduction of new diseases, and so many more. This is why there is a worldwide effort to research and discover new energy sources to fuel the technology and utilities of modern civilisation. Solar energy is one of the few energy sources that don’t negatively affect the environment. It may not be viable for some areas in the world but it’s definitely a great start in finding sustainable energy without upsetting the ecosystem.

3.Rarely Requires Maintenance

Fortunately, the expensive but top notch equipment does not require much maintenance. Aside from that, the cost for maintenance isn’t even that expensive. The return of investment can usually take five to ten years. However, that doesn’t mean you can just leave it without any upkeep. It’s recommended to have an annual check-up to ensure that there are no damaged parts and that the heating system is still functioning properly.

4.Raise the Value of Your House

For those who plan on selling their house in the future, you may want to consider installing solar water heaters since it adds value. It’s definitely a win-win situation for you since you can still reap the benefits of having a solar water heater while increasing the real estate worth of your house.

5.It’s Water is Warmer than Most Traditional Water Heater Tanks

A common problem that homeowners face when using water heater is that the water isn’t warm enough. With solar water heaters, the water is warmer than conventional water heaters since it’s very effective in transferring the sun’s heat to the liquid.