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The Pros and Cons of using a Solar Water Heater

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Solar water heaters are one of the new generations of water heating systems. It uses the solar energy from the sun to warm water. There are a lot of talks about the effectiveness of a solar water heater but it’s not a perfect appliance. It has some drawbacks that you should know before purchasing one. Without further ado, here are the pros and cons of using a solar water heater.

Pros of using this water heating system

*You can save a lot of money from cutting energy costs

It’s obvious that the energy used by this water heating system is the sun. Solar energy is free clean, and renewable. Since you won’t be paying for energy fuels for your water heater then you will save a lot of money every month.

*Minimal maintenance is needed for the unit

Storage water heaters need a lot of maintenance because it has a lot of components. These water heaters have the tank, heating elements, large pipe systems, etc. Doing proper maintenance for storage tank units takes some time as well as money. Solar water heaters on the other hand require little maintenance. Aside from that, it doesn’t take too much time to install.

*These water heaters can last a long time

A solar water heater has the same lifespan with a tankless water heater which is 20 years. That’s double the lifespan of a standard water heater. 20 years is an actually a long lifespan of a water heater. This water heating system also needs little maintenance. Your solar water heater will definitely take a long time before it needs to replace.

*Some countries offer incentives and discounts if you install a solar water heater

There are countries that offer rebates and discounts if you set-up a solar water heater. You can even get a free assistance in installing and maintaining the water heater. Of course, not every country offers these incentives so you need to check it first.

Cons of using this water heating system

*The effectiveness of the solar water heater will depend on the availability of sunlight

The solar water heater can become more effective if your location has a lot of direct sunlight. There are solar water heaters that can still function under cloudy weather. The problem is that it’s not as functional compared to a unit that’s exposed with a lot of sunshine.

*It can make your rooftop convoluted

Your roof will not look pretty if a solar water heater is installed onto it.  A lot of heating elements and connections need to be placed on the roof. This is needed for the solar water heater to function well. Aside from the connections, the solar panels will also consume more space. If you don’t mind the aesthetic appeal of your roof then this should not be a problem.

Initial installation is expensive

Many people are discouraged from installing a solar water heater since it’s very expensive. The R.O.I. of using a solar water heater is great but not everyone can afford a new water heating system.