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Solar Hot Water Systems: The Pros and Cons

hot water faucetsHeating water is definitely expensive considering the significant amount of energy required. The fact of the matter here is that many people are still using the costly method of heating water through electricity.

Fortunately, there is now a solar water heating system, which is specifically designed in mitigating heating water-associated energy costs. Make use of solar energy rather than depending on fossil fuels.

Just like any other things in the plumbing system, solar water heating systems also come with advantages and disadvantages. Consider these factors if you are planning to install solar thermal panels to heat water in businesses or homes.

The Pros of Solar Water Heating

  • Solar energy is absolutely free and very abundant even when the weather is cloudy.
  • Solar thermal panels save you space due to the minimal number of panels required in heating the water in a typical house. Installation of solar thermal panels can be appropriate in homes with compromised roof space or when the majority of the panels
  • Solar water heating is efficient with about 80% of the radiation is transformed into heat energy.
  • This heating system is cheaper when installed than the solar PV panels, as it will require you to have 2-3 panels.
  • It saves you cash on your fuel and electricity bills, depending on the type of fuel you use in your heating system.
  • It helps mitigate the carbon footprint of the system.
  • Commercial and domestic properties are entitled to get the renewable heat incentive. This indicates that you will be receiving payment for the generation of the heat energy notwithstanding the use of energy in part or whole. You may use a calculator so you will know how much you earn using this scheme.

The Cons of Solar Water Heating

  • Your solar thermal panels’ heating capacity is limited to water. However, solar PV panels generate electricity, some of which can be used in heating the water. This only means more flexibility when a solar PV is installed and used.
  • Yearly maintenance is recommendable in solar water heating. The primary reason for this is the fact that some parts of the system (such as antifreeze and pump) should be checked to make sure that their performance is optimum.
  • There is a need of installing a new hot water cylinder, which requires more space.

Oftentimes, getting a professional installer to check the appropriateness of your roof and to examine the efficiency of the solar panels is a smart idea. The area where you intend to install a hot water system may have a lot of trees or other shading for a return on your investment.

Solar water heating and solar PV panels can be combined if the roof space is wide enough to house them. This suggests the use of electricity generated through solar PV panels in topping up the solar heated water set in required temperature. The combination of all panels is considered as the most efficient means in generating the required energy in your heating system.