Why Tankless Water Heaters Are Worth the Cost

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Majority of homeowners own storage tanks to store hot water. Usually, about 50 gallons of water are regularly reheated and ready for use round the clock. This is indeed tremendous wastage of electricity, right? To save on electricity consumption and charges, professional plumbers suggest the installation of tankless water heaters. In here, we will discuss more about tankless water heaters and how property owners can benefit from its use.

What Are Tankless Water Heaters?

Tankless water heaters are the compact alternative to the conventional water heaters. These are known as on-demand water heaters and became famous to property owners because of its energy efficiency. This device often resembles like a suitcase and it heats the water that flows on its coiled pipes, thus providing users with heated water only when needed.

The Benefits

These tankless water heaters are smaller in size compared to the tank-type water heaters and often mounted on the wall, hence space is seldom an issue. These devices are either powered by electricity or gas and both energy sources utilise the traditional heating elements and burners.

There is no need to wake up early to turn on the heater before everyone in the house wakes up to prepare and to heat the water needed for bathing and for drinking hot beverages during breakfast and prior to reporting to school and to the office. Since it heats water on demand only, it matches how households utilise water and not 24/7. Since hot water is only use at its peak in the morning and during the cold season, it cost less compared to heating the water always.

According to a study, tankless water heaters eliminate the losses caused by standby storage tanks and decrease energy utilisation by 10% to 15%. Researchers also discovered that this type of water heaters use lesser fuel compared to the traditional heaters.


One downside of owning tankless water heater is its cost. Though, you have to pay thousands of dollars in buying and installing this plumbing device, the benefits you reap is continuous. It is worth the investment you pay for tankless water heaters as you can save tremendously on your monthly electricity bill. With the huge savings you generate from the use of this type of water heater, you can use your savings to other pertinent things.

Although, tankless water heaters can supply two to five gallons of hot water per minute and furnish showerheads with flow rates of about three gallons per minute, it cannot keep abreast with secondary demand. This means that the device cannot provide hot water to two users who simultaneously use the plumbing fixtures like the showerhead and the clothes washer or two showerheads that use the water at the same time.

Should you be in doubt as to the type of water heaters to purchase, be sure to confer with a licensed, experienced and professional plumbers for advice and guidance. Your plumber knows very well the type of water heater suitable for your property and your needs.