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Homeowners face a lot of challenges when it comes to maintaining a property. For one, they need to keep their home clean and safe all the time. For another, they will have to maintain the integrity of the house’s structure, which could sometimes involve fixing problems outside the home, one of which is roots growing inside the piping system.

Having trees within your property can improve your home’s aesthetic appeal. It can also provide shade for you, and even for birds, which could make your garden more beautiful. However, as trees grow bigger, so will their roots that are buried deep into the ground. If your home has been constructed before the 1980s, roots can become a major problem. This is because your pipe system could be made of clay, increasing the risk for root intrusion, or roots growing inside the sewer. When this happens, your pipeline could be blocked, causing you problems, like smelly bathrooms, slow draining sinks, slow flushing toilets, and the like.

Traditionally, blocked sewers require the use of a machine called “electric eel.” It is used to remove roots from pipes. However, this was a temporary solution. Over time, roots could grow back thicker, bigger and stronger, which can cause your earthenware pipe to collapse. Thanks to a new and more efficient method called “pipe relining,” you can now solve pipe problems better.

Pipe relining defined

Pipe relining is a trenchless technique that helps make pipe rehabilitation easier, faster and less disruptive. It has a lesser unsettling effect because it requires minimal digging. Unlike the traditional method, there is no need for extensive excavation of a garden because pipe relining takes care of holes, bents and cracks inside your piping system, reinforcing the pipes and preventing them from collapsing.

Aside from root intrusion, pipe relining is best used in situations involving the following:

    ✔ Drain pipes are buried underneath the house

    ✔ Earthenware pipes have breaks, bents or cracks

    ✔ Pipe system runs from the home to the street before connecting to the main pipe

How pipe relining works

Step 1: The condition of the sewer system is assessed using a drain camera. This helps plumbers identify the problem areas and determine whether pipe relining is the best solution.

Step 2: The pipeline is thoroughly cleaned, getting rid of roots with the use of a hydro-jet cleaning system. This will make the lining material bond properly with the pipe’s interior.

Step 3: The pipe is coated with a thermosetting resin mixture by inserting an inverter into it. The process called inversion commences afterward. This involves applying air pressure into the sewer to ensure the lining material is bonded well to the host pipe.

Step 4: The lining material is allowed to cure for a couple of hours, forming a new pipe. This reinforces the piping system, making it more durable.

Step 5: Step 5: The drain camera is again inserted into the sewer to determine whether the relining job is a success.

Feel free to call us today on 0422 005 940 for more information on pipe relining. We can help you assess whether it is the best solution for your plumbing problem, saving you time and effort.

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