3 signs that your sewer pipes must be renewed

Plumberleichhardt pipe broken

Your sewer pipes might last for a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it will last forever or that it won’t break or crack. Even if the pipes installed in your sewer line are of the best quality, it’s still prone to damage, corrosion, or just plain age. There are actually some signs that your sewer pipes are degrading and must be renewed as soon as possible. Being aware of these indications will help prevent great plumbing and house disasters. Learn more about them below.

1. You’re drains get clogged often

Maintaining your drains by cleaning and removing any debris accumulation will certainly stop any clogs from happening. However, if you noticed that the drains are clogged even though you just cleaned and made sure there were no obstructions found, then there is a high probability that the sewer pipes are actually causing the blockage. If there is a collapsed or massively clogged sewer line then it will cause a sewer backup. The water will also have a difficult time pushing through the blocked pipeline and either becomes stagnated or just goes back up the drain that it came from. Also, it’s impossible for a house to have multiple clogged drains unless of course the sewer line has a serious clog.

2. Vegetation in your area are growing at a fast rate even with little to no rain

Some of you may be wondering what’s the correlation between pipes and trees or other vegetation in your lawn, which is completely understandable since it’s a pretty odd connection. These fast-growing vegetation in your lawn or backyard is actually an indication that its roots are positioned in your sewer pipes and nourishing itself with the water and the soil around it.

If the roots have just entered the pipes then it won’t make too much damage of the pipe lining or even show any hints that it has already invaded your sewer line. Now this is really a big problem since you won’t have any idea that your sewer pipes are already attacked until it’s too late. By the time the roots have reached their maximum size and filled a section of the sewer pipeline, that will be the instance your household will have multiple clogged drains and have sewer backups. In order to solve this issue, cutting the roots in the sewer pipe is not enough. You see, these roots will only grow back unless of course its tree is removed. Unfortunately, the best solution with these tree root attacks in your sewer line is to uproot the tree as well as the stump. There may be still roots that are left underground so be sure to remove them as well.

3. Pipes have already aged or if you’re living in an old house

It’s most likely that the pipes in old homes are not replaced. This can lead to complications since there is a high chance that the pipes have already corroded and/or collapsed. In most old homes, the pipes used for the plumbing system are galvanised steel and iron cast which can spell trouble for the plumbing system if it reaches maximum corrosion.