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4 Obvious Signs of Sewer Pipe Blockage

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Unlike other plumbing fixtures that homeowners have direct contact with, sewer pipes are buries under layer after layer of sand, soil, pebble and sometimes, concrete. When a pipeline becomes damaged due to blockage caused by different materials building up inside it, the situation tends to get rowdy, dirty and very frustrating for the occupants of the building. What makes things worse is that this problem occurs often in so many homes that it is considered to be one of the common plumbing emergencies that need immediate attention.

Luckily, this problem shows tell-tale signs before things take a turn for the worst possible scenario in plumbing disasters. When these signs are spotted earlier in its development period, there is a really good chance that you can stop the damage before it requires more fixing. To do that, always be on the lookout for these signs:

  • Forming of bubbles.

Haw you noticed bubbles in the toilet bowl? If you have, these bubbles are caused by trapped air at the end of the sewer pipe that is desperately looking for a way out. If this happens to your sewer lines, you will notice two signs that will tell you something is up. First, look out for bubbles reaching the surface of the water in your toilet bowl. Second, there will also be a noticeable increase in the water level in the toilet bowl.

  • Foul smell rising from the drain.

In the occasion of a sewage blockage, there is a high tendency that the odour and stink from the sewer pipes will make their way up the pipe, through your drain and into your homes. This could turn out to be a great disaster for your household and a serious threat to the health of the residents. The unpleasant smell contains too much carbon dioxide and other hazardous gases for your lungs to stand. Remember to keep constant check on disposal systems and sanitary fixtures at home and bear in mind that mismanagement of these features will lead to health issues.

  • Unusual reactions of the plumbing fixtures.

Another confusing effect of pipe blockage is the shift in the behavior of your plumbing fixtures. When there is a problem with your disposal and sanitary system, the appliances and fixtures connected to it are directly affected. In response to the damage, the fixtures then have unusual reactions when you use them. One of these is having soapy water coming out of the bathtub drain when you utilise the laundry machine. Another one is that the waste water from the kitchen sink and toilet, as well as, the laundry water will make its way to the mainline and flow back to the drainage system.

  • Sewage backup.

If you notice your plumbing fixtures not draining as it should then it is probably time to have a professional check on your sewer pipes as there might be a blockage inside. You can confirm this suspicion by observing if the draining process has slowed greatly. When there is a buildup or blockage inside the pipe, water passages might be blocked resulting to lesser flow capacity and hindering the operations of your sewage system.  If this problem is not addressed at the soonest, your pipe could get completely blocked.