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4 Possible Solutions for Root Intrusion

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Even if our pipelines are well-maintained, it is still inevitable that dangerous tree roots will penetrate our pipe and cause plumbing problems such as clogs, and backflow. The reason why these roots penetrate is because of the tree that is planted too close to the pipe underneath the ground. If you think that your pipes are beyond saving because of the problems you have been experiencing, there are certain remedies that can be utilised to fix the predicament. Each of the following remedies has different approach in dealing with the root intrusion, however, its goals is just the same. Here are the following:


1. Chemical treatments

As tree roots get within your sewer pipe, you might start to think of a solution that doesn’t need you to pay for expensive repair services and most especially easy to do. One of the alternatives is to go to your local store and purchase chemical treatments. It has been suggested by specialists to opt on copper sulphate crystals. It is actually a chemical based substance with a sole purpose to avert the development and further growth of the tree roots within your pipelines.

Applying chemical treatment to pipes should be done with a certain time interval because the chemicals will only be absorbed in a nominal distance. On the other hand, copper sulphate crystals aren’t just for getting rid of root intrusion, it also serves as a prevention tool to avert the roots from penetrating. Applying the chemical isn’t really hard all you have to do is to flush it down you sewer line and septic tank.

2. Mechanical methods

There are numerous mechanical tools which can cut through these roots within the pipe, one of which is a mechanical auger. The should be inserted within the sewer line as its rotating heads advances, it cuts through the roots, however, the shredded roots are likely to remain inside and regrow over time.

3. Hydro jetting

Another mechanical tool is utilised for taking out tree roots out the pipe system known as a water jetter. This doesn’t just remove the trees but also objects and substances that obstruct the flow of water such as shampoo scum, oily substances, and sanitary items. With the use of the water jetter, it flushes and shoves these objects until it reaches the main lines through pressurised water. Its tank can produce at least 3,500 PSI of water pressure and its tank can store up to 300 gallons of water to remove the aforementioned. As the procedure finishes, your pipes are guaranteed clean and in a perfection condition.

4. Digging up

If root intrusion has already been present for a long time, it only indicates that your sewer lines are totally damaged that it becomes out of commission. You might probably see the signs such as clogs and sewer line sagging problems. When in this predicament, all you have to do is to dig up your sewer line and get rid of the roots and reline the pipe to avert future problems.