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4 Tell-tale Signs that Your Sewer Pipes Need Maintenance or Repair

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Waiting till your sewer pipes suddenly stops or is causing severe sewer backups is not a good idea and shouldn’t be practised. Besides, preventing plumbing disasters is much better than actually dealing and fixing the damage it is causing. Sewer pipes are often ignored by homeowners since it’s not directly seen compared to other plumbing fixtures such as shower drain, faucets, water heaters, etc. The only time some homeowners will be able to remember in maintaining their sewer pipe is when plumbing issues occur with the sewer system. Be wary of these tell-tale signs that your sewer pipes need maintenance or repair.

  1. Sewage waste that are leaking out of the toilet as well as sewer odour

If you noticed that your toilet is overflowing with disgusting sewage waste then it’s obviously an indicator that there are problems with the sewer line. It could be that there are clogs that are preventing the waste from flowing out of the sewer pipes or there could be no backflow preventer. Aside from the waste, you should also be conspicuous when you start smelling sewer waste since it means that the sewer pipes are having leaks. Sewer clogs & leaks can attract pests like rats and cockroaches.

  1. The drains are slow in flushing out water waste

Having a slow-moving drain is a common problem in many households which is why you may mistakenly label it as just another plumbing issue. However, there are cases in which the cause of the slow drain is from the sewer system instead of usual clogs. It’s more evident that the slow drain is caused by the sewer system when there are obstructions even though you have just cleaned the drains.

  1. Sewer water found in the backyard

If your backyard has patches of damp surface accompanied by sewer smell then it might be that the sewer pipe is leaking. The wastewater is probably leaking out of the pipes and is dispersing out onto your yard. In order to validate your suspicions of a malfunctioning sewer pipe system then you need to have the sewer line checked. Fortunately, there are plumbing contractors who will be able to inspect the pipe system. Don’t worry, there won’t be any excavation needed since the plumbers will just use a camera to take footage or pictures of the status of the sewer pipes. Once they have done their assessment, they will be able to conclude on what is the best solution for you. It’s important that you have your sewer pipes inspected before you start doing any rash solutions since you might make the damage worse.

  1. The house is old and the pipes were never replaced

What does have the age of the house have to do with anything? You see, these old houses have plumbing lines that were made out of galvanised steel. To be fair, these materials were durable in the past, but after decades of continued usage then it’s already corroded and negatively affecting the sewer line. Have your sewer pipes checked if it’s old or not.