6 Factors that Causes Premature Deterioration of Sewer Pipes

deter-2Aside from installation factors that leads to a pipe’s early deterioration, environmental factors can also be blamed for the predicament to occur. When our pipes turned out to be out of commission, this isn’t just because of defects, exceeded lifespan etc. The following environmental factors could also be the reason why your pipes have been so much burden on you.

Pipe Bedding

Upon installing underground pipes and sewer pipes, its performance are already been predicted through a structural design analysis. When the analysis shows that the pipes are durable and high structural performance, it is expect that you will be fully satisfied with its performance. On the other hand, when the pipes aren’t properly installed, it could affect the outcome of the analysis, thus, leaving you disappointed. One of the factors that affect its performance is its improper bedding. Aside from its performance, this could also result to pipe failure and deterioration.

Trench Backfill

There are time that you have to excavate a portion of the land upon installing water pipes and sewer pipes. Instances that you only need pits for relining or huge excavation. When backfilling those holes, some backfills are sometimes corrosive and dangerous to our pipes. With the being said, be heedful in backfilling the holes for its might cause your pipes to deteriorate and may show pipe problems at the same time. The procedure should always be free from corrosive chemicals and materials that could pose a threat to your pipe.

Soil Type

Since our pipes are buried underground, they have this constant contact with the soil. Due to various types of soil, some are contain corrosive materials that aren’t suitable for your pipes and when you backfill. This is due to the moisture changes and the humidity. When the soil elevates its volume through the moisture and humidity, its increases the pressure below the ground and the pipe’s load. Also, there are some types of soil that has soil solvents and hydrocarbons which leads to deterioration. That is why it’s best to check what type of soil you have to ensure that your pipes will last long.

Groundwater and Groundwater Level

When the groundwater level is high, the soil below the buried pipes will be washed away. When this occur, the buried will no longer have a support that helps them from carrying the load above. With the being said, the pipe’s durability dwindles and performance less effective because of the predicament.

Pipe Location

Ice tends to spread all over your area during winter season. When they spread on the road, one ways to deice area is to put some ice. This may solve one problem on the other hand, it creates another one. The salt will penetrate underground until it reaches the pipes. The salt actually weakens the pipe and causes corrosion most especially to your metal pipes.

Stray Electrical Currents

It is inevitable to have electricity flow underneath the ground to provide the demanded electric current in every industries and establishments. On the other hand, due to wiring issues, it tends to flow onto the ground that precipitates to electrolysis. The aforementioned actually adds up to the stress that the pipes have and over time, it kicks in to the factors that causes our pipes to deteriorate earlier than expected.