7 Primary Advantages of Epoxy Lining

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Further innovations have been conceived with the aim to develop the conventional methods in repairing pipe problems that are no longer suited for today’s fast pace and busy generation. And to make repairs of damaged pipes easier and more convenient, top-tier methods have been created and one of these methods is the use of epoxy lining. Availing this service nowadays means gaining many benefits such as the satisfactory repair in a very convenient way and the shortest possible time. Not only that! Take a look at the following advantages of using epoxy lining when repairing your damaged pipes.

  • It repairs leaks and damages

Way back then, homeowners do not have much choice. Even with the smallest leak on their sewer pipes, the only way to repair this is through a pipe replacement method. Because of current day’s technological advancement and innovations, a new way of repairing damaged pipes have been created and that is through the use of an epoxy lining. This lining is oftentimes coated to the interior walls of the damaged pipe to patch up the leak and to avert the contents of the pipe from escaping. This lining will be equally applied to the pipes interior not only to repair the pipe but to establish a sturdy barricade between the pipe and the water.

  • Prolonged Lifespan

The epoxy lining that will be applied to the damaged pipe will certainly prolong the lifespan of the damaged pipe especially those pipe of the households that are located in areas oftentimes experiencing sub-zero temperature. During winter, burst pipes are common and this will lead to high water bills and high demand for pipe repairs and replacements. When your pipes are lined with epoxy lining, this will surely support your pipe from cracking and leaking and would free you from the burdens of high water bills and future sewer line replacements.

  • Quick and convenient

The only thing that makes conventional method time-consuming and inconvenient is the digging process and the restoration of the damaged property due to the excessive excavation especially when pipe lies below pavements and roads. This household menace would likely last not less than six weeks and you would suffer having no water at home or not using your drainage system when it is a sewer that is to be replaced. However, when you line your damaged pipes with epoxy lining, you don’t have to dig buried pipes or replace water pipes. You only have to coat the interior of your pipes with this supply and you wouldn’t have to worry about leaks and property restorations anymore.

  • Protects potable water

When the leaky pipe is the one that carries potable water, you cannot just do whatever you like to repair your pipe. You have to opt for something to protect the water your pipe carries thus, retaining the safety of the water you are about to drink. It is a good news that epoxy lining is safe for potable water.

Many homeowners, though, do not only utilise this lining when leaks already happen. Many choose to coat the interior of the pipes that carry potable water to protect the water from being directly in contact with the metal pipe that might then corrode and would make the water unsafe for you family to drink.

  • Economical

When lining your pipes with epoxy lining, you would only spend for the lining and the service rate of the service contractors you would have to hide to coat your pipes. Unlike the conventional way, you would have to spend your hard-earned dollars in purchasing a new water pipe or trench. Aside from that, when you replace a sewer pipe, you would definitely pay a high service rate due to the excessive digging, the restoration of your property would cause you much as well as the rent and fuel of the excavation equipment you would need when digging.

  • Safe and sturdy

The reason why epoxy lining is considered safe is because it does not create threatening poisonous substances. Aside from that, it does not create environment-harmful wastes during the installation process which makes it environment-friendly. When it comes to its structural integrity, epoxy resin is sturdy and durable enough to retain and even increase the service lifespan of your pipes.

  • Versatile

Epoxy resin lining can be used to various kinds of metal pipes, either above or below the ground. This substance is liquid but can act as a strong material when cured. Its liquid feature makes it flexible and capable of following the pipes shape and size.