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The Most Common Misconceptions about Sewer Pipe Repair

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Plumbing fixes are something that can be either simple or complex. It has also gone through various developments for many years since early industrialization which also carried various misconceptions and myths in maintaining/cleaning plumbing system and fixtures. Today, there are still various ideas and tips that are nothing but myths, especially in sewer pipe repair. A lot of this false information can result in having a costly repair. Be aware of these common misconceptions about sewer pipe repair.

*Sewer pipes barely have any damage

The main reason for this belief is that the sewer pipes are rarely seen and thus, it’s mostly ignored by homeowners. Other plumbing fixtures like toilets, sinks, and showerheads are always visible and can immediately show signs if it’s undergoing problems. Sewer pipes on the other hand are hidden underground or behind floors and walls, and if there are indications that it has any damage or issues, it can be mistaken as another plumbing concern. This is because most signs of sewer issues are usually the same with common plumbing problems. It’s not until a major sewer blockade happens or sewage waste overflow that homeowners will be certain that there are complications with the sewer pipes. Furthermore, it’s estimated that millions of sewer pipes get damaged each year as well as plumbing emergency calls that are registered. You may not know, but your sewer pipes might be heavily corroded or damage right now. Leaving your sewer pipes in a poor state will not only make the problem worse, but also make the needed repair much more expensive. There are instances in which the pipes won’t be saved from repairs, and need to be replaced with new ones.

*Repairing, replacing, and inspecting the sewer pipes requires major digging

This actually holds true in the past since digging was required in order to gain entry to the damaged pipeline. A classic excavation pipe repair is the last thing any property owner would want since it rips the ground off from the yard, driveway, and up to the streets. Also, it’s an added expenditure to clean the destruction mess brought by the excavation. However, times have changed for the better. There are dozens of pipe repairs called trenchless sewer line repair technology. Now, what makes these pipe solutions much better than old methods is that the excavation process is minimised or completely eliminated, saving the urban landscape from destruction. What makes it even better is that the repair process can only last a day or even just a few hours, which is actually a short processing time compared to traditional pipe solutions.

*It’s okay to flush anything into drains as long as it can go through the pipeline

A lot of people should be reminded that everything that you drain down your plumbing pipes will go directly to the sewer pipes. If you continually dispose materials that can potentially clog the sewer line, then you will have definitely experience serious sewer issues in the future. Common items that become the source of clogs include plastics, grease, cat litter, oils, “disposable’’ wipes, etc.