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Why Epoxy Lining is Great for Pipe Relining

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Pipe relining continues to become popular in repairing sewers lines worldwide. It utilises modern technology and equipment to become an affordable and trenchless pipe rehabilitation method. An integral supply for pipe relining is the resin liner since this serves as the coating used to enhance and add protection to the sewer lining. There are a few variations with the resin used in the liner like fibreglass, epoxy, special clay, etc. These are impressive materials for the resin liner, especially epoxy. Here are the reasons why epoxy is perfect for pipe relining.

  • It’s effective in repairing metallic pipes

Metal pipes such as galvanised steel and cast iron were widely used in old infrastructure, and it’s still applied even today. There is no doubt that these metal pipes are durable but the problem is that these materials can corrode badly. A lot of old houses have issues with galvanised and cast iron since these components have reached their limit and are causing clogs throughout the sewer line. An epoxy-filled resin can cover the metallic lining and be able to fix the pipes of the sewer system. With the help of the pipe relining method, there is no need for excavation since the resin liner will just be applied into the pipeline.

  • Epoxy has an estimated lifespan of 100 years

Another reason why you should consider epoxy lining is the longevity of the material. If you plan on replacing your current pipe system, it will probably last up to 40-60 years, which is still a decent amount of time. However, you’ll be faced with problems like corrosion, root attacks, leaks, and other sewer pipe mishaps when the pipes need to be replaced again. Now when it comes to pipe replacement, there is a lot of digging involved which disrupts the areas nearby and it also produces massive destruction. Epoxy lining can be easily done to repair damaged pipes and it’s expected to last 100 years, outlasting installed pipes by a longer margin.

  • Prevents leaks from occurring

Epoxy resin pipe lining isn’t just a one-time problem solver; it also prevents common issues from happening again. Leakage is a common occurrence with not just sewer pipes, but other pipelines in the household as well. What makes this extremely dangerous is that the openings can become an entry for tree roots. It’s very difficult to know if the sewer pipes are being invaded roots until the damage and clogs are already done. With the use of epoxy lining, you won’t only get rid of the threat of leaks but tree root invasions as well.

  • Applying epoxy takes less time than replacing pipes

Pipe relining can be done faster than using traditional pipe replacement. After all, pipe replacement requires allocated time for excavation and carefully taking out the old & damaged pipe. Depending on the degree of damage as well as the contractor’s abilities, pipe relining may take from a few hours to just three days. Now this is swift work compared to replacing pipes which can take up to weeks.