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Everything You Need to Know About Pipe Relining

Plumber Leichhardt Pipe relining

Have you been calling your local plumber more often due to sewer line problems? Maybe it’s now the right time to consider lasting solution for your damaged pipe through pipe relining technology. Learn more about this plumbing solution and see what it can do to your plumbing system.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining is the plumbing technology in which a new pipe is found within an old pipe to fix cracks, leaks, or any issues on your pipe. This solution allows you to repair your broken pipe without replacing your pipe or digging up. It saves both your money and time, which are imperative in digging up pipes under different structures, and the hassle it can do to your property or business. Relined pipes are often considered structurally stronger when compared to the original pipes.

When Should Pipe Lining Be Considered?

The traditional “dig-up” repair for a broken pipe likely forms headaches when the drain or sewer travels under a permanent or a semi-permanent structure like pathway, driveway, tennis court or building. Any or all of these issues require jack hammer through the structure so you will get the best pipe and rebuild the structure when the task is completed.

Pipe relining enables you to fix your pipes with leaks or cracks as long as they are still structurally sound.

Are All Pipe Relining Technologies the Same?

Not all of relining solutions for your pipe are the same. Some solutions do not have design. Most of them are designed to last as much as 50 years or more.

What Are the Benefits of Pipe Relining?

Have your compromised pipes repaired through pipe relining and you will reap the following merits.

  • Cost-Effectiveness – Having your pipe relined will cost you lesser than the traditional pipe repair, involving excavation. Less labour is necessary as it only takes few hours to complete. You will also spend less on the materials to be used in the procedure.
  • Less Disruptive – Excavating the area where the damaged pipe is located can lead to costly restoration, but in relining, you will only incur minor disruption. The outside area will still be intact and your pathways and landscapes will be safe from being damaged.
  • Long Lasting – Unlike the traditional repair method, pipe relining promises durability in its finished project. Problems with regards to tree root intrusion would not be a problem anymore.
  • Quick Method – Relining the damaged pipes can be done within a day mainly because less or digging is required. Another contributor to this quick process is the lesser time in keeping repair cost down.
  • Environmental-Friendly – Pipe relining is a safe plumbing solution as it spares you from huge mess from excavation. It does not affect much on the outer space of your property and less exposure to harmful wastes. The repair will also keep your neighbours from being bothered.

With the information presented above, you will surely opt for pipe relining the next time you need some repair on your leaked or cracked pipes.