Moling and Its Greats Benefits in Sewer Pipe Replacement

Plumberleichhardt Moling

Moling is a trenchless pipe replacement method that is still relatively new in the pipe repair/replacement industry. Even with the growing popularity of pipe rehabilitation that don’t have any form of excavation for most of the time, pipe replacement methods are still in demand. This is mainly because pipe rehabilitation isn’t an one-size-fits-all pipe repair. There are a lot of situations in which pipe rehabilitation won’t work such as: extremely damaged pipes, collapsed sewer line, joint issues, and so many more. For these cases, a good ole pipe replacement is the best fit.

Some of you may not be familiar with the moling process, so here’s a short description: a moling or digging equipment is used to dredge the soil and create a path for the new pipes that are to be installed. This method is just simple, easy, and straightforward, but it does have a lot of benefits. You can read more about them below:

Destructions and mess is much lower than typical pipe excavation pipe replacement

Replacing an entire pipeline through pure excavation is a popular method that has been used for many years, but its destructive output has forced innovators and pipe repair companies to create, innovative, and adapt less damaging and less messy solutions such as moling. The moling process is actually very smart and effective since even though there are is a bit of excavation, the destruction is lesser compared to excavation pipe replacement. The clutter brought by the moling equipment is just small scale.

It can save you from expenses and time-consuming work

People often underestimate the expenses with open cut excavation pipe replacement, when in fact it’s probably the most costly pipe replacement out there. Do take note that when we mean costs, we’re taking in the overall cost of the procedure. In open excavations, you’ll not only be paying for the operation, but the repair of the damage as well. You’ll definitely need to spend a lot of money for the repairs if the replacement project is tremendous. The excavation itself is already a time-consuming task, and the whole process even becomes longer because of cleaning the clutter and repairing the wrecked properties. Moling can be done faster than open excavations, plus the whole process can be finished quickly. This replacement process also has less intrusion to the surroundings, saving you a lot of money from repairs and a widespread clean-up.

Can be applied in most soil types

Aside from the condition of the pipes, there is also another factor that should be taken into account when replacing pipes and that is the soil. Excavating a fragile soil might cause erosion and it may collapse the sewer pipeline. Moling can be applied in the majority of soil types and conditions which makes it an excellent option for most pipe replacement out there. Furthermore, certain pipes can be used together with moling to create an erosion resistant pipeline. It’s important to take into consideration that it’s always the contractor who will decide what type of method will be suitable for the sewer pipeline.