Why Pipe Relining is More Cost Effective than Traditional Pipe Repairs


Pipe repair methods have come a long way from being such a hassle and tedious process. In today’s modern age, new and innovative rehabilitation methods have been implemented and approved worldwide. Perhaps one of the most promising sewer pipe applications is pipe relining. In this article, we’re going to take a look on why pipe relining is more cost effective than traditional pipe repairs.

Its Durability is Long Term

One of the things you should keep in mind with pipe repairs is when will be the next time the pipe needs to be repaired or even replaced. Pipe relining generally last up to 40 or more years, which is much longer than conventional repair methods.

So how does pipe relining managed to become an effective, economical, and long-term pipe rehabilitation application? It’s mainly because of two reasons: brilliant engineering and high quality pipe materials. You see, the process of pipe relining involves placing a new and improved pipe lining into the current or aging one. The inserted pipe is composed of durable epoxy resin, or in some cases, specialised cement that takes over the sewer pipe lining. With this new pipe, the sewer line is certainly stable since corrosion is non-existent with epoxy pipes and it also prevents tree roots from entering the pipes. Pipe relining is definitely a practical and long term solution whether a sewer pipe repair is situated in residential or commercial areas.

It can increase the financial worth of your house

Whether you plan on selling your house or not, you will have the benefit of increasing its financial worth if your sewer line underwent pipe relining. Little do people know that an excellent drainage and plumbing system can add value to their real estate property. As you may have already know, pipe relining doesn’t just repair sewer pipes, it also improves the overall plumbing system

Less Time Required for Completion

With some traditional pipe repairs, you will pay by the hour for their services. That will be definitely costly since a conventional sewer pipeline repairs will take a long time to finish, especially if the extend of the damage or replacement is wide. Pipe relining on the other hand has a fast turnaround which means you will spend less money whether the pipe relining service charges by the hour or fixed price. The payment method doesn’t really matter when it comes to pipe rehabilitation since it can have long term benefits to the sewer system.

Little to No Expenses with Landscape Repairs

It’s no surprise that conventional sewer pipe repairs have added cost when it comes to reconstructing the roadways, yard, and landscape of the work site. After all, digging up pipes underground can cause serious damage to the surroundings and even create hazards. Renovating the damaged area can be costly and it will take a long for it to fully recover. Pipe relining on the other hand has little to no excavation which makes landscape repairs nothing to fuss about. This is because the epoxy pipe is easily inserted into a manhole or other entry points, eliminating the need for excavation.