Sewer Line Maintenance Tips that You Must Know

plumber leichhardt - dont throw FOG into the drain

Fixing a sewer overflow or backup requires the expertise of a professional plumber. These sewer line issues are one of the most disastrous things that could ever happen to your entire plumbing system. It cripples the operations of your integral plumbing fixtures and even cause sewage waste to return to your home. If you’re ever faced with such problems, always call a plumber for help. In order to prevent such things from ever happening, you need to know some basic sewer line maintenance.

Don’t throw fats, oils, and grease (FOG) into the drains

All the waste you dispose in the drains goes to the plumbing lines and then to the sewer system. The same goes for the ‘’ FOG’’ that some people often flush down the drains, and even the toilet. These substances enter the drains in liquid form but it will eventually cool down and be able to harden in the pipe lining. This hardened oils and grease can contribute to the clogs in the sewer line, increasing the risk of a sewer backup/overflow. The key here is to properly dispose the substances, so before you wash down kitchen utensils like pans & dishes, you need to scrape out the fats and oils and throw it into the garbage can. Greasy food residue should also be disposed in trash instead of the drains.

Renew your sewer line if it’s old or severely damaged

Even if you try your best not to throw foreign items into the drain, there may still be issues with the sewer line if it’ s aged or heavily damaged. Sewer pipes that are made of steel can corrode fast, and should be inspected frequently. Clay can also crumble due to aging. Plumbing services in your area can provide inspections and assessment for your sewer line. After their initial examination, plumbers can give you the details of the result and provide guidance on what to do. The plumbers may suggest replacing or repairing the pipes. It would be best if they can offer pipe relining solutions since this is one of the most cost-effective and long term pipe repairs available today. The pipe materials used in pipe relining are not ordinary materials as it’ s not prone to corrosion and fight off root invasions. There may be cases in which your sewer line just needs to be cleared off from debris and roots. Plumbing contractors can also do these type of jobs.

Backwater prevention valve

This device is installed in plumbing lines as well as the basement and helps in keeping the sewage flow out of the house. Apart from that, the backwater prevention valve also stops the sewer waste from entering the plumbing lines of the household.

Avoid throwing wipes

You should drain down wipes in your toilet since it can easily clog the plumbing line. We’ re talking about baby wipes, sanitising wipes, and even “flushable” wipes. These items may seem easily flushed, but it won’ t dissolve and will just cause clogs. What you can do is just throw them properly in a proper garbage can, not the toilet!