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Do you have tree roots in your sewer pipes? Get rid of them now with these methods!

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A small tree root infestation won’t have any instantaneous effects to your sewer pipes or have any signs that it’s attacking the sewer line. However, when its size becomes larger then that will be the only time there will be any indicators that the roots have overwhelmed the sewer system. There are actually some methods that can help you deal with these roots. Learn more about them below.

  • Burst out the roots with the use of a hydro jet

You can either operate a hydro jet provided you really know how to use this equipment or you can just hire a plumber clear out the roots. Anyway, the hydro jet can burst a powerful 4,000 psi worth of water pressure into the sewer pipes which breaks the roots. If there are any roots left, it is killed with chemicals or cut down with other equipment. Take note that this method can be costly so keep in mind how much you’re willing to spend to kill the roots. Another important consideration you should know is that it might not be a good idea to use a hydro jet to sewer pipes that are collapsing since there is a high possibility that it will make the pipes even more damaged.

  • Cutting machines designed for eliminating tree roots

If you’re looking for machines that can be effective in cutting down roots in sewer line then you can go with mechanical augers. Its rotating blades are effective in clearing off roots from the sewer pipes. It may sound like this is a more affordable solution than using hydro jets but the thing is that augers aren’t really the permanent answer to tree root invasion. The auger may be able to trim down a portion of the roots but it will just grow back again. You see, the tree will just produce new tendrils which will become fully-grown roots.

  • Use copper sulphate

You can purchase various root killers in the market, and all of them have basically the same chemical composition which is copper sulphate. Copper sulphate is toxic to trees and prevents the roots from growing back. You might want to ease up in using this chemical since it can kill off the bacteria needed in septic tanks (if you have one). Also, it may also cause corrosion to already vulnerable sewer pipes. Just like the mechanical auger, this isn’t a permanent solution since the source of the roots which is the tree, isn’t killed by this method.

  • Extracting the tree from the ground

The methods above are just temporary solutions since the roots will just keep on coming back unless its tree is removed from the landscape. If you don’t want to keep on trimming or killing the roots then you have no other option than to extract the tree from its ground. You do need the help of professional who can deal with the tree roots in the sewer line as well as cutting the tree. You can still plant trees or other sapling in your vicinity but just be sure that you won’t plant trees that have aggressive and deep-reaching roots. In a way, you will be doing a bit of research on the species of trees.