Why You Should Use Pipe Relining in Pipe Repairs

Owning real estate properties can be very tough. You’re always faced with unending problems such as house/establishment repairs, maintenance cost, yearly upkeep, etc. One of the most costly and hassle issues is repairing pipe sewer lines. However, if you’re having trouble with pipes, there is an effective and economical solution which is called pipe relining. Read more to discover why you should try this pipe rehabilitation method.

Non-Existent Property Damage

It’s a well known fact that conventional pipe repairs cause extensive property damage. Pipes need to be pulled out from the pipe system which requires deep excavation. The excavation then causes distorted landscapes and property damage. But with modern solutions such as pipe relining, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Cured in place pipe relining directly repairs the pipes and doesn’t require any excavation. However, there may be cases when the damage is too great that a minimal excavation is needed. But compared to traditional pipe repairs, the excavation from pipe relining is negligible.


Makes Root Infiltrations Impossible

A common issue with sewer pipes is the infiltration of roots into the pipe system. When the roots are fully developed and have taken over the pipe structure, blockage and even property damage are likely to happen. Pipe relining addresses this problem by adding epoxy or other materials to patch up the old and weaker pipe. The new pipe lining is genuinely more durable and stops any form of root intrusion.


It Takes Less Time to Complete

Depending on the scale of the project, it may take a few hours to a full day. But if you compare this to traditional pipe repairs, it’s definitely lower. Having a small work around time can also save you more money. With conventional pipe repairs, you’re paying by the hour, but with pipe relining, you’ll spend less since the time needed to finish the repair is lesser.


Enhanced Water Flow

You’re not just saving money and diminishing excavation with pipe relining, your pipes will also have a better water flow. How is this even possible? An embellished water flow is attainable thanks to the smooth materials used in the new pipe lining. Unlike usual pipe materials like clay and concrete, pipe relining makes use of epoxy and other unique and durable materials. Without the threats of corrosions and clogs, the water flow is improved with pipe relining.


A Long Term Solution and Investment

There are cases when pipe repairs are only a short term problem solver and may even cost more in future repairs. Pipe relining on the other hand is a better long term solution. With high quality materials and innovative procedures, pipe relining is a perfect investment for your sewer pipe system. Apart from that, the warranties can last up to ten years or more–making it even more enticing. Don’t get left behind with the best pipe repair solution in the world today.